Frugal Family

In may of 2012 my family went from a two income household down to one and a quarter (I don’t make nearly what I used to). I was working full-time in the auto insurance world. It was a stressful, annoying, irritating yet steady and good job to have. Yet, after being given an opportunity to follow a dream of mine to explore and grow in the world of cake decorating, I decided to turn in my two-week notice. It was one of the scariest moves I’ve made in my adult life. I’ve always worked since high school. I’ve never taken time off or worked part-time. The idea of cutting our income by more than half seriously kept me up at night. After bathing the decision in a healthy dose of prayer my husband and I decided together that it would be better to pull the kids out of daycare (save that bill) and me work part-time. It has been a leap of faith.

Since having my daughters, I have wanted to be able to spend more time with them. I never thought I would be one of those women though who wanted to become a domesticated diva, but no matter how hard I fought it the desire persisted. I used to be determined to be the do-it-all American mom who can have it all. I thought that I had to have a full-time fruitful job, be highly successful, climb the corporate ladder all while having children, raising a family, attending field trips, and sculpting memorable holidays and birthdays. While, it is truly possible to do all of that, and I did it for many years, I found it to be incredibly exhausting. As days turned into years, I became more and more depressed about the time I had missed with them, the time I could have spent with them, the influence I could have had on them as opposed to the amazingly inappropriate things they learned at daycare, school and babysitters. Plus, I was married to someone different than who had very different views than I.

Now that I can work my schedule around my kids, and spend precious time with them, my life couldn’t be any more amazing. I am so very blessed to have the ability to take them to school and pick them up, spend time with them on homework and have the freedom to volunteer in the classroom and accompany them on field trips. Over time, I have been given the vision I needed to focus on what is truly important in this life, my family.

Since cutting the “bread and butter”, I have had to find more frugal ways to spend our money. It has been a challenge, but I do love a good challenge. I hope that some of my frugal finds can help you and your family as well.


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