About Me

I am so happy you have stopped by to visit! Welcome to my little corner of this great big world wide web. Enter into my little world where I will share with you some of the sweetest things I find as I journey through life. My name is Christina and here I will open up the doors to recipes, crafting, family life, frugal living, cake decorating, Christianity, homeschool, parenting and anything else that I may come across in my wanderings.

Pink Lemonade Cupcake singleOne of my favorite things to talk about is cake! I work part-time as a cake decorating instructor and admire cake designers and pastry chefs. They are truly artists. It is my dream to one day own a small bakery/sidewalk cafe where I can fill the orders of delicate pastries, wedding cakes, pies and cookies. Maybe one day….

I’m currently on a mission to live a de-cluttered life: physically, environmentally, spiritually and emotionally. This includes going to a more clean way of eating and caring for my family and our every day needs. This has been a difficult task when almost daily I need to bake some unhealthy treat for my classes or cake orders.

This blog is about my random musings of these wonderous things I find while trudging through this world. I look forward to visiting and sharing with you life’s sweet little nothings.

My Little Castle on a Cloud

Photo1 (1)I am the proud mama of two little girls. One is 9 and one is 6 and they keep me busy, fill my heart with endless amounts of love and drive me crazy from time to time.  My oldest is the spitting image of me physically and artistically. She is only 9 and incredibly talented (I am not just saying that because she’s my daughter, I promise). The little one is our comedian. She has a fire in her spirit that keeps things very interesting. We never know what she may do or say.

handsI have an amazing husband who is my love, my rock, my best friend and my partner in this life. He is a taco lovin’, salsa eatin’ California boy.  Together we run our little kingdom, raising our children, fighting the occasional dragon, saving little damsels in distress and living a full and blessed life.

My incredible hubs also operates his own blog called The Worldview of Jesus. He is a Christian Apologist and has studied the subject matter for years. He even was a co-author of a book on the topic. If you ever had questions about the big stuff in the Christian faith or you want to deepen your understanding of Christianity then please feel free to check out his site as well.

cropped-rose-bud.jpgPlease make yourself comfortable and explore endless amounts of life’s sweet nothings.


9 thoughts on “About Me

    • Christina says:

      I haven’t played around with anything other than peanut free. I have been looking into gluten free baking but just haven’t got around to trying it. Gluten free is a whole different beast. Is there a specific diet you must follow?

      • moonstarcarmencs says:

        Actually I am very troublesome. I’m gluten and dairy protein sensitive, and pre-diabetic as well, so I use low-glycemic impact sweetener. But I find that if the recipe is gluten-free, the other substitutions are pretty straightforward…

      • Christina says:

        Oh my goodness. I will have to play around with some recipes and get the feel for working with gluten free. It’s ironic because I have developed a strong dislike for cake and sweets. After working with it for so long it’s just become old. I guess that’s one way to cure a sweet tooth. I just love decorating them and making something pretty for someone’s celebration.

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