The First 30 Days of a Hope-filled-Homeschool-Mom


I have been homeschooling my children for a month now! I can’t hardly believe it.

It has been an exciting 30 days! We have learned so much, laughed till our stomachs hurt and crafted until the glue gun just couldn’t take anymore.

In these 30 days, I have learned so much about my children, homeschooling, life and faith. After reflecting on my last 30 days, I can’t help but wonder if other moms share similar experiences. I know many homeschool from the very beginning, but there’s also a huge influx of families making the leap of faith to homeschool their children.

If you are a new, or seasoned, homeschooling parent then I would love to hear what you have learned along your own unique homeschooling journey.

Here, I’ve composed a list of those wonderfully amazing things this new homeschooling mama has treasured, learned and realized over this last month.

Stay within the Lines

  1. It’s soooo fun to do school in our pajamas!
  2. Mommy’s morning quiet time of coffee and Christ are essential to starting out our day!
  3. My youngest does not do well learning anything directly from a book
  4. My oldest loves to learn things right from a book
  5. Our local library is a gift from Heaven
  6. I never knew I could use so much ink in my printer
  7. The $5 desks I got at a consignment sale are better than I could have imagined
  9. Joining a homeschool co-op is one of the best things I could have done
  10. Anything can become a learning experience
  11. My oldest daughter is more advanced in Math than I thought she was
  12. It’s OK to switch curriculum methods at any time during the year
  13. Having the ability to customize my children’s education, based on their individual strengths, is an amazing gift to give them
  14. Cows do NOT have teeth
  15. Other homeschool families provide wonderful support, guidance, fellowship and leadership
  16. There are many local museums that offer specialized classes ONLY for homeschoolers
  17. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has an amazing class program for homeschoolers
  18. It’s impossible to do school when 10 guys are laying down a new roof on your house…
  19. Going on a spontaneous field trip to the zoo when roofers are laying down a new roof is a great way to finish your week
  20. My kids are more supportive of each other now than they’ve ever been
  21. How to gracefully answer strange and intrusive questions by strangers about homeschooling
  22. My relationship with my children has never been stronger
  23. It’s exciting to learn alongside my children
  24. Science experiments at home can be ummmm “interesting” (some messes are better left alone)
  25. How to book field trips for our homeschool group
  26. I’m enjoying the little moments even more
  27. It’s OK NOT  to move them onto another subject if they are fully immersed and enjoying the current one
  28. Queen Bees are made by consuming “Royal Jelly”
  29. People have strange ideas about homeschoolers
  30. My youngest daughter is reading beyond her 2nd grade level
  31. Archery is so our thing!
  32. Why didn’t I do this sooner?
  33. Does mom get a learning curve?
  34. Organization will only take you so far
  35. Schedules are made to be broken



2 thoughts on “The First 30 Days of a Hope-filled-Homeschool-Mom

  1. Nicole says:

    Visiting from Time Warp Wife, it sounds like you’ve done a lot so far! I’m homeschooling preschool for my two little ones, who are both developmentally delayed. I’ve learned that they will NOT learn what each lesson is meant to teach them, but instead make great steps developmentally with each lesson!

    • Christina says:

      Absolutely! What a blessing to have your little ones there with you, learning and developing with each lesson. I initially found that I was so focused on planning out each lesson, within each day down to the minute because I was still operating with a public school mindset. But, then I realized that I had endless amounts of freedom to navigate through the day, and that spending time with the kids, encouraging them and allowing them the opportunity to grow at their own pace was what it is all about. It was very difficult for me initially to remove myself from the confines of a public school mentality. Thank you so much for visiting! ~Blessings!

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