Upcycle Magazine Storage Box


Upon embarking on my families homeschooling journey, I was presented with a massive organization challenge. I really wanted nothing more than a room dedicated to our homeschool activities. My first thought? Transform the finished basement into more of a learning center. Then I realized, I absolutely do not want to spend our days in the luxuries of our finished basement with no windows and no glimpse of the outside world!

I made the decision to incorporate our days of learning right into the comfort of our living room and dining room areas. Granted, my house sort of resembles an elementary school classroom complete with two antique desks by the front window, two small bookcases equipped with loads of curriculum, paper, utensil caddy’s and chore charts.

Some women would cringe at the idea of losing their living room to school supplies and desks, but this mama is happy to see them everyday. It means that I have been blessed with the responsibility of giving my kids a completely fulfilling education at home.

One large problem I didn’t even realize I had been a collection of kids magazines that we had accumulated. Some were given to us, and some were from subscription and all of them were lying around everywhere! So I decided to do something about it!

I had some Family Size cereal boxes lying around, and I’ve seen how these boxes can be transformed into all sorts of fun things. I decided they would be perfect for storing our massive collection of magazines. They were incredibly easy to make and turned about completely adorable!


  • 1 Family Size Cereal Box (The bigger the better here folks, the smaller boxes may not hold a regular magazine)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Box Naked Front

1. First, draw a diagonal line across the corner of your box. If you look at my pic you can see the first line I drew directly from the top corner down to about halfway on the side of the box. I didn’t like the look of a sharp corner so I redrew the line so that the line ended about 2 inches from the side.

Box Side

2. Next trace the shape of your box onto scrapbook paper. I traced mine a little bigger than the actual size of the box so that I could fold the paper over the edges so as to hide the raw, ugly edges of the box. (See in pic below).

Box Empty1

3. Glue the paper to your box. Then fold the edges over and glue them as pictured above.

Box Empty

4. Next trace the same shapes and glue to the inside of the box. The inside should be pretty too. 🙂

Boxes Top

5. Fill the boxes with your magazines and enjoy a little bit of organized heaven.



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