Summertime Wrap Up….

It’s here, well almost anyway. The end of Summer! Autumn is just around the corner which means Saturday football games (GO BUCKS!), Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, homemade chili in the crockpot, picking apples and so much more. I love Autumn, it truly is my favorite season. But I am not totally sure I’m ready to say goodbye to this Summer.


Billy Graham Library

Summer 2013 has been filled with surprisingly pleasant weather (at least in Ohio). Warm, sunny days equally balanced by rain showers and roaring thunderstorms. Last year was terribly hot and humid with little too no rain and I think everyone was happy to see the start of Fall. At the beginning of Summer I posted about some awesome freebies to look out for to make your family summertime fun a little easier on the wallet. Today, I wanted to share with you what my family has taken advantage of with our own couponing and freebie hunts.

Amazing Summertime Deals!

  1. $0.50 movies every Tuesday morning
  2. FREE movies every Wednesday afternoon
  3. 1 FREE McDonald’s Happy Meal for each child (earned from our local libraries reading summer reading program)
  4. 1 FREE Taco Bell kids meal for each child (earned from our local libraries reading summer reading program)
  5. 3 FREE 6 ounce Frozen yogurt with toppings
  6. 4 FREE games of miniature golf
  7. 4 FREE lunch meals at Chick-Fil-A
  8. 1/2 off admissions to a local history museum
  9. 3 FREE slushy’s from Sonic (earned from our local libraries reading summer reading program)
  10. 2 FREE kids pizza’s from Donatos Pizza (earned from our local libraries reading summer reading program)
  11. FREE Junie B. Jones book just for joining her book club
  12. $10 Gift Cards for each child from Half Price Books
  13. 4 FREE admissions to the Columbus Museum of Art
  14. B1G1 FREE admission to the Santa Maria living historical ship
  15. Countless FREE programs at our local parks systems
  16. FREE tickets to The Columbus Clippers baseball game
  17. The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina (ALWAYS FREE AND AMAZING!)
  18. Discounted games of bowling with bowling pass
  19. The Reed Gold Mine (ALWAYS FREE) in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is the site of the FIRST gold ever found in the U.S. It’s completely FREE to visit the museum, tour the grounds and walk through abandoned mines. You can even pan for gold for only $3 a pan!
  20. FREE roller skating Passes

The Mummy “Amunet” at The Ohio Historical Center

Surprise Blessing

We were also blessed by a complete stranger while visiting the Indianapolis Zoo in Indiana. As my family and I were walking toward the gate, a very sweet and energetic woman asked us if we had a zoo membership. I explained we were from out-of-town and didn’t have a membership to this zoo. She then told us that we were her family for the day and would get us in on her pass! She has a large amount of grandkids and explained that she does this type of thing all of the time. Next thing I knew, she was paying for my daughters to take part in the “Dolphin Trainer for a Day” program (the kids get to stand at the glass with a dolphin trainer during one of the shows and make hand signals, very cool!). Before I knew it, this amazingly kind woman saved us close to $50 for zoo admission and I’m not even sure how much for the dolphin trainer program. She refused any sort of money and just wished us a good time. Wow!

Paying It Forward

I have a family membership to our zoo, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. But, I came across some free passes and since I didn’t need to use them, I found a family at the gate and gave them the passes! They were pleasantly surprised and I was so glad to help out another family.


Twist Tie Sculptures made by visitors and artists at The Columbus Museum of Art

Currently we are working on a reading program that is sponsored by our library system and our Major League Soccer team, The Columbus Crew. If you complete the reading challenge, you simply mail off your reading log, signed by a parent, and they send you two free tickets to a game! I can’t wait!

Photo1 (2)

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer and taking advantage of all the wonderful freebies and deep discounts available all over the place. What are some programs you’ve taken advantage of in your area? I have enjoyed our families summertime fun as well as all of the savings I’ve had with that fun! Until Next Summer!


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