Body By Buttercream

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Ok, so I fail at this whole “Post-A-Day” thing but seriously, this summer has been crazy! I am writing this now in the middle of endless amounts of laundry, packing suitcases, preparing for the upcoming school year, bills, and I’m sure half a million other things that I just can’t think of at the moment.

My lack in posting has been pressing heavily on my subconscious. I made it my goal to try and get this hammered out before the end of the day. So far, so good!

I want to discuss living a healthy lifestyle. Weird right. I mean, I’m a baker. I teach cake decorating, and I can attest to the transformations my new career have made on my already badly abused body. I bake for work, I bake to learn new skills, and I bake to just bake. I truly love it. I love-making goodies and sharing them with others or making a celebration beautiful. But all of this sugary beauty has expanded my waistline more than I would like.

The separated fat from the buttercream frosting.

The separated fat from the buttercream frosting.

One day, I was cleaning out a mixing bowl that had the remnants of buttercream frosting. I always soak the bowls with hot soapy water before washing them. After a period of time soaking, I went to the sink to finish cleaning it out. I noticed all of the fat from the buttercream had risen to the top and was floating on the water. It was chunky, curdled and absolutely disgusting. I remember thinking, “OMG, I put this in my body?!?!” If this curdled, nasty fat is resistant to the powerful dish soap, then what exactly is happening to it in my body? GROSS!

two fatsMy husband and I have made a lifestyle commitment to change the way we live, eat and exercise. There was once a time when I was very active. Of course this is before I flew a desk for a living, had two kids and began a career as a baker. I used to ride horses, run and could be found on any nice day rollerblading wherever I could. But of course, life happens.

It’s amazing how sedentary I have become! As my brilliant hubby put it, “We have compromised our health way more than we ever should have”. My hubby and I both have health problems. And I’m not talking about something minor, we both have equally concerning problems that have developed over time. These issues should be a higher priority in our lives than what they have been. I know I have been complacent in the fact that I simply fill my prescriptions every month, only to lesson the symptoms but not directly address the real problem.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My husband and I purchased a workout DVD from the beachbody website called T25. It’s an intense workout that is only 25 minutes a day (which I love the idea of only 25 minutes a day). For the last week and a half my hubby and I have followed a clean diet, cut out soda as well as any nasty carbs. We’ve committed to the workout and in the first week I’ve lost 3 pounds and my hubby 4. It’s a start!

The point, no matter how busy our lives become, or how complacent and comfortable we become in our unhealthy lifestyles, it’s never too late to get healthy. It isn’t something that can be done overnight. It takes time, commitment and discipline to stay with it. If you stumble and fall, then just get back up and keep going! You can do it!

I am no longer baking as much as I once was. I will of course make baked goods for my classes and family celebrations, but there will be no longer freshly baked cupcakes lounging around the kitchen, and I am totally fine with that!


Over the next 9 weeks I plan on recording our journey to fitness and health ! I hope that we can be an example that hard work, discipline and will power can lead anyone to a healthier lifestyle.


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