The “Right” Way To Blog


I have been on a blogging and cake decorating hiatus lately. Honestly, I’ve been walking a fine line between frustration and confusion for a few weeks now. Frustrated by an extreme cake request and equally frustrated by the argument that followed with the customer. Some people are unreasonable. But, I get it. People do not always understand the amount of work, time and dedication that goes into some projects.

Shortly after the un-cake-tastic customer, I began looking at info on updating my little blog. I really desire to take it to the next level. I want to add some link-up parties, guest posts, contests and much more. So after searching high and low, I stumbled upon an online blogging class. I promptly signed up and waited in anticipation for the class to begin.

TypingAfter the first class, I learned that it is highly frowned upon (according to this teacher) to blog about more than one point. There was other info covered, but honestly I kept coming back to this one. If you look around my little site, you’ll notice I DO NOT blog about one thing or another. I created this blog initially to post about baking and cake decorating, because that’s what I do for a living. But through blogging, I have learned so much more about myself and what my interests really are.

The fact is, I have many interests! I have many hobbies! I wear a plethora of hats in my daily routine, just like so many other people in this great big world, and I want to share my experiences in hopes of touching someone who is or may be in the same boat as I am. After all, isn’t blogging about more than just sharing one topic you have a passion for? Shouldn’t blogging be about anything, and everything, you want it to be? Sure, I understand the benefits of focusing on one topic. I can also understand how certain situations would require a one-topic blog, but is it really a cardinal sin to cover multiple topics? Well, after my first class, I felt that I had been living a sinful blogging life and was in need of repentance.

I couldn’t get this out of my head. I harped on it for days, and now weeks! It has bothered me so much that I have been hesitant to really post anything! How ridiculous! Then, I realized, it’s been weeks since I last posted so how do I break the ice? It felt impossible to get the blogging ball rolling again.


Over the past few weeks of my blogging sabbatical, I have realized that there really is no “right or wrong” way to blog. It doesn’t matter what some online class told me. I will continue to blog about all things that make my life sweet. And through my little posts, it is my hope that I can  bless someone out there surfing around in cyber space. I have also realized some other topics I want to cover, and changes I want to make in life that actually may require a separate site. But who knows. I will not be fearful but will embrace the blogging world with arms wide open.

I Want To Thank You All For Reading And Following My Little Site!

Happy Blogging!

(Man, it feels good to be back!)


5 thoughts on “The “Right” Way To Blog

  1. KBT says:

    I LOVE it. Good for you. Your validation in yourself provides some validation for me… as I too have discovered many things in my blogging journey. I can’t stick to one thing… I love to learn too much! :). Blog on!

  2. luv2tri says:

    You shouldn’t be feeling guilty about posting about more than one topic! I get inspiration from yours, and other blogs on whatever project you post about. Keep it up and I look forward to future posts:)

  3. Hannah Elizabeth Smith says:

    Grrrrrr, comments like that make me kinda angry. Why should we not blog about more than one topic if that is what we so choose?! People generally don’t tend to have one single interest or hobby, so why should we limit ourselves to discussing only one thing on our beloved blog. The best blogs out there, I think, are the ones that feel more ‘real’ and if someone I follow happens to talk about something different that perhaps I am just not into, I don’t cry out in outrage and disgust that they have broken away from their usual thread, I just click past it and wait for another post to pop up that is more ‘me’.
    I get that some topics may lend themselves to being more specific, I suppose you wouldn’t mix a blog rating fine wines with crafts for kids, but I don’t like that our creative, crafty blogs get thrown in under the same generalization.

    I am glad you have decided to do your own thing, and I am also glad you are back blogging 😀

    rant over xxxx

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