My Bittersweet Obsession

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It’s time I come clean. I mean, I’ve been carrying a dark secret around for far too long. I believe I will feel a sense of relief if I just share it with you…. here it goes. I HAVE A COOKIE CUTTER OBSESSION! Whew! That’s a huge load lifted.

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No seriously, I really do have a strange obsession with collecting cookie cutters. Do any of you bakers out there find drawn to one particular piece of caking/crafting equipment that you just can’t get enough of? For some it’s scrap-book paper, beads or yarn. My vice…..cookie cutters.

It all didn’t begin with me though. I sort of fell into this obsession. I inherited much of my cookie cutter collection from my grandma when she passed away. When she passed I was given a rather large box of cutters. Some were very old with wooden handles, some were newer and some still had the price tag on them! Either way, I adored my box of treasures.

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Antique cookie cutters

Fast forward……I have now added a great deal of cutters to my grandmothers collection. What’s funny is I rarely make roll and cut sugar cookies. Bah!

How many cookie cutters can one girl have? Well, as of right now, this girl has 265 cookie cutters. Is that a bit much?

My most recent addition is one that I have been hunting for awhile. I have looked far and wide in the land of cyberspace. It is the “Stand Mixer Cookie Cutter”. Yes folks, it’s a real beauty. I fell in love with this cutter after seeing some adorable cookies online that were beautifully decorated. After that moment, I knew I had to have it.

My favorite one so far. The Stand Mixer Cookie Cutter!

My favorite one so far. The Stand Mixer Cookie Cutter!

I found this little gem at one of my new favorite sites called They have a TON of cutters! And yes, as the name implies, they are relatively cheap. You know how I love a good bargain. Plus, I just love that this site is owned and operated by a family.

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Each box of cutters is checked for quality before it is shipped. Inside the box they place a card with the logo, some info about the company and the signature of whoever checked your box! And I want to thank Denise who packed up my cookie cutters, checked them for quality and shipped them safely to my house!

If you have a bittersweet obsession of your own, I would love to hear about it!

Happy Baking!


2 thoughts on “My Bittersweet Obsession

    • Christina says:

      Welcome to the club cookie-cutter obsessed sister! I just can’t help myself!! Today, my kids and I were out and about shopping around and I was caught by my oldest eye balling some cutters. She promptly stopped me and said “Mom, don’t you have enough?” LOL. Thank goodness I have her to sort of keep me in check. 🙂

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