Wilton Icing Fun for Kids!

photo (12)

A few months ago, I was asked to teach a cake decorating to a brownie troop. I absolutely LOVE teaching kids. It’s probably my favorite age group to teach. Kids are completely honest in their reactions and emotions. I love how candid their little personalities are.  Sometimes you just never know what is coming out of their mouths.

photo (9)The troop leader found this children’s kit on Wilton’s website that included some piping tips, a piping bag and a Wilton patch! I was unfamiliar with this kit because we do not sell them in Michaels craft stores. You can only order the kits online for $5.99 USD. Plus if you are a tax exempt organization you may qualify for 25% off of your order!

Wilton Icing Fun is designed to be a 90 minute, easy to follow class that teaches kids the basics of cake decorating, how to attach a coupler with tip and fill a piping bag! Plus they get to decorate! Plus, Wilton has made the class easy on the adults of the group by providing a PDF download on their site containing the entire curriculum!

photo (11)

The Wilton Icing Fun class is not just for girl scout or boy scout troops. These kits would be great for a birthday party or church group as well.

If you have been searching for a fun group activity or desire to earn a new patch, then check out the Wilton Icing Fun class and kit!

photo (10)

Happy Baking!


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