Achieving The Great Family Roadtrip!

On the Road

Greetings blogging world. I’ve missed you all! My fam and I recently got back from a short little road trip to the great state of Indiana. Granted, it was not a long road trip, but it has still drained what little energy this mama has. We ventured across the border for a Bible Quizzing tournament that my daughter qualified for (more on that to come).


indyI’ve only been to Indianapolis a few times but each time I’ve been amazed by some of the really cool stuff they have! They have one of the most famous races there, the Indy 500, pro football team the Indianapolis Colts and one of the biggest children’s museums around.



This time we went to the Indianapolis zoo which is home to some beautiful dolphins. They even put on a dolphin show four times a day! While there my daughters got the opportunity to be a “Junior Dolphin Trainer”. They were called up next to the glass and taught hand commands to give to the dolphins. This was a dream come true for my oldest because ever since watching the movie A Dolphin Tale she has been determined to become a Marine Biologist.

Awesome hotel in downtown Indianapolis. You can stay inside a converted traincar!

Awesome hotel in downtown Indianapolis. You can stay inside a converted train car!


All of this driving around and discovering a new land got me thinking about the great family road trip. Road trips have been a time honored summer time tradition for generations. That’s how families used to travel. They’d load up the station wagon, pile the roof high with luggage, pack the kids in the back and away they went! Most often families would vacation by camping or seeing the natural wonders and parks in our country.

Sadly, it seems like today people are at one end or another of a vacationing spectrum. Either they don’t have the money to pay the ridiculously high gas prices to travel by car or would prefer to charge up a credit card just to fly junior to a great big amusement park where they finish out the trip by maxing out the credit cards on food and overpriced souvenirs (bad idea even if junior is kicking and screaming! DON’T DO IT!).

I personally love road trips. At least I love them in the beginning. By the time I get home I’m happy to never look at my car again! On a road trip there are some amazingly beautiful places to discover, delicious food to eat and wonderful locals to meet.

Recently, Michaels Craft store announced a partnership with the website Roadtrippers to develop itineraries to celebrate art and creativity. Roadtrippers is a unique sight. If you’re planning a road trip I would recommend mapping it out on there.


You simply put in your starting and ending destination. It will tell you how many miles away it is, how many hours it will take and how much money in gas you can expect to spend! Pretty nifty huh?

photo (1)

You can also map out restaurants, attractions, parks, museums, farmers markets and much more along your route. There are tons of unique and amazing things to see and do throughout the US.

Next time you are planning a road trip, check out the Roadtrippers site to plan, navigate and explore our great and wonderful land!

Happy Travels!


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