Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


I came across some unique signs this week while taking a tour of “Dinosaur Island” at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Because of this I have included some extra pics that give you a great idea of what these signs were leading up to.

 Strewn along the path that led up to Dinosaur Island, visitors could gaze upon these enormous dinosaur eggs!

Dino Box

At the entrance to the island we found this shipment crate that protected a very precious cargo…..dinosaur eggs!


These Caution signs were everywhere, warning visitors of their impending doom and expected demise if they should come across a dangerous inosaur.


One could never be quite sure what lurked ahead, around the bend of the river. Everywhere you looked there were strange creatures that looked awfully hungry. Some even sprayed water at you. I guess softening their meal up for easy chewing.

Dino Spray

It was a fun encounter that we are sure not to forget anytime soon.


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