Lego Store FREE Monthly Mini Build


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I think most all kids enjoy building with Legos. They are a time honored toy that, even though they have undergone some changes over the years, the basic principal remains the same. Building with Legos is fun and unlocks a childs imaginaiton.

Lego Stores host a monthly mini build on the first Tuesday of every month at 5pm. This event is totally FREE (there’s my favorite word again) and is available to kids 6-14 years of age. The mini model is themed for that particular month. Simply head over to the nearest Lego store near you and see an associate for all of the details.

These mini builds fill up very quickly because who doesn’t love a free Lego kit?! Get there early so as to insure your child gets a kit. And while you are there check out the other events going on at the store or maybe your child will want to join a local build club!

For more information head over to


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