Michaels Summer Passport to Imagination


Photo from Michaels.com, Passport to Imagination. Click on the image to be directed to their site.

As Summer quickly approaches, I’ve been scouring the internet for ideas that will keep my kiddos busy through the hot and humid months. I’ve started a new menu above cleverly titled “Summer 2013” that showcases all of the fun in the sun things I’ve been able to find that will keep the little ones entertained (Look at the top of this page).

While I was at work the other night, I noticed the new brochures are out for Michaels Summer Passport to Imagination.

The Passport to Imagination is a 2-hour long crafting event that takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday all throughout the Summer months. The event lasts from 10am-noon (so there’s still plenty of daylight left for splashing at the pool) and includes children ages 5 and up.

Parents pay just $2 per session and kids get to make a fun craft that relates to a region of the world. Through the Passport to Imagination, your child will explore the 7 continents in 7 weeks. You can even go to Michaels website and view facts about each region that relates to the crafts for that week!

This is a great way to keep the kids busy at an inexpensive price AND learn something along the way. Click on the link above to learn more or visit your local Michaels store. You can even download the crafting instructions in case you can’t make it for a session but want to make the craft at home. There is a limited amount of space available and they do fill up quick!

Let Summer Begin!


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