First Responders Memorial

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Well, this weekend hasn’t gone as I imagined it. I had planned on making some yummy French pastries, a cake and other goodies to share with you in honor of Memorial Day. However, you know what they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” We’ve had a high school graduation and party and my youngest daughter has had a stomach virus. So the goodies might just have to wait.

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Instead I want to share with you a unique little park nearby. I was going to share it in September but what the hey, I want to share it now. A few weeks ago I attended a field trip with my oldest daughter. It was a low-key trip where we toured the downtown area of our little suburb. The kids saw where the Pennsylvania Railroad once ran through the area, the old train station, the old general store (now a pub) and the old jail (now a food bank). It’s funny to see how these landmarks have evolved over the years.

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We ended our trip in a little park called First Responders Park Memorial. This park doesn’t have play grounds or miles of walking paths. It is a memorial to those that died in the September 11th attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

I drive by this little place all of the time. I had a good idea what it represented but I couldn’t have imagined the impact it would make on me.

First Responders Park Memorial was built to remember those fallen heroes from the tragic 9/11 events. It was also built to remember those brave men and women who are the first on the scene all over the country. It is a reminder that all of us American’s are one, we are all part of the 9/11 events. We were all touched by that day. What happened on our soil transcended around the world.

The park is made up of three granite walls inscribed with the names of those who lost their lives that day at the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field.

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There are also metal pieces directly from the rubble of the Twin Towers that were transported here by police and fire escorts just for this memorial.

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Memorial Day is about honoring our military. Those brave men and women who fight abroad so we don’t have too. They face demons that many of us will never truly know. They deserve our respect. Whether we agree with the wars and battles or not, or we understand the political garble that goes along with it. These men and women are performing a duty. We are the land of the free because of the brave. These brave are members of our military and our local heroes that fight crime in our own backyards.

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May we never forget all those that fight the battles so we do not have too. Both domestic and abroad, wherever there is conflict and our freedoms are at risk, there will always be brave men and women there to defend them.

Lastly, I have attached a video from Britain’s Got Talent. It has made a huge impact on people all over the world. It is the audition of a group from Hungary. I won’t ruin it with much more, please take a minute to watch it. The dancers are incredible, raw and show an emotional story that is not only true but is the story of millions around the entire world.

Happy Memorial Day!


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