“I Like Veteran”- An Act of Unconditional Love

I have been quiet in the blogging world for a few days. The school year is wrapping up which means school parties, endless piles of school papers and the oh-so-fun field day. Between school events, I was finally able to do some Spring cleaning and get rid of a bunch of junk in my house.

Memorial Day

I filled up my van, drove to my local Goodwill and dropped off said junk one afternoon. I got to thinking, How do we accumulate so much junk?? There are people living in horrible conditions all over this great big world and yet I have an abundance of useless stuff (at least it’s useless to me at this time). Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever stopped to look around at all you do have?

It’s so easy for many of us to moan, groan and complain about all that we want. “I want a nicer car”. “I want a bigger house”. “I want a bigger flat screen”. “I want a new video game”. “I want a new toy”. I want….I want….I want…. Many times we lose sight of all that we have both in material things and non-material things. And really, do we need the fancy car, or flat screen or enormous house? The answer is No in case you are wondering.


Even in our own backyards there are so many struggling to live their lives; homeless, starving and sick. In Ohio ALONE, in 2011 there were 13,003 people homeless according to COHHIO.org. Of these, 5,218 were parents with children. And 1,259 were veterans.

As we embark on this Memorial Day weekend I want to share a video with you that I recently came across. It is a beautiful demonstration of unconditional love. How one man stepped out of his comfort zone and vowed to help a homeless stranger who once served his country. I hope that it inspires you and moves you as it did me.  The video is titled “I Like Veteran” and it was posted by a site called I like giving.com.

My Handsome Grandfather-in-law on the left and his good friend, Leroy.

My Handsome Grandfather-in-law, (Art) on the left and his good friend, (Leroy).

While we are grilling out, attending graduations and maybe hanging by the pool this weekend, let us not forget that Memorial Day is more than all of this. It’s more than a three-day weekend, BBQ and ice cream. It’s about honoring our veterans. Those that so courageously fought a battle so that we at home didn’t have to. Lets not forget the countless families over the years, and around the world in other nations, that have lost loved ones in the name of freedom. It is a heavy price to pay but these brave men and women boldly go forth, leaving their friends and family behind in order to protect, serve and defend our freedoms.

God Bless each and every veteran, military currently serving and family member who must watch them go.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13


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