Cake Topper Banner Tutorial

This week has been jam-packed with two field trips, one to the city dump…yuck, new month of classes beginning, seasonal allergies acting up and a lovely little cake order that I have been looking forward to making all week long. My cake this week was for a little girly girl turning 5 years old. What an incredibly fun age!


I was told that little Aubrey loves “My Little Pony”, her favorite color is pink and loves anything that spews girliness. I decided to make her a little 8 inch round cake covered in buttercream ruffles (there will be a tutorial on this later). What could be more girly that lots of ruffles? I then bought a My Little Pony doll to go on top of the cake. I was asked to have her name on the cake and the number 5.

I have wanted to make a flag banner for a long time now but didn’t have the opportunity. I decided that this cake would be perfect to have the banner on, and on the banner I would put the birthday girl’s name!  It was very easy to make but did take a little bit of time.

These little banners make an adorable addition to the top of any cake. Make one for your next confection creation!



  1. Scrap book paper in different designs that match the color and theme of your cake
  2. Scissors
  3. Letter Stamps and ink pad
  4. Twine or string
  5. Bamboo skewers
  6. Glue stick
  7. Ruler


Photo5 (2)

First you will want to cut your scrap-book paper into rectangles. Mine are 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches long. That made the perfect size for my little 8 inch round cake. Depending on the size of your cake, your sizes could vary. Play around with the measurements until you find one that works.

**Also, if you plan on stamping the name of the birthday boy or girl, make sure you cut out enough rectangles. One rectangle for each letter of the name. **


Next, fold one of your rectangle strips in half.

Photo6 (2)

Now, cut into a triangle shape. Cut from each edge of the fold to the center of the opposite side. When opened up it will be in the shape of a diamond.


Now, tie your twine/rope onto the end of a bamboo skewer. Secure as tightly as possible so as to keep it from sliding around.


Next, position the twine inside the fold of your cut out flag shape. Use your gluestick to glue the two sides of the flag together. Don’t forget to add some glue to the fold as to hold the twine in place.

Photo1 (8)

It will then look like the above picture once glued.

Photo4 (2)

Continue the above steps until you have placed all of your flags onto the twine. Tie off the other end or the twine onto another bamboo skewer.

photo (6)

Finally, stamp the birthday boy or girl’s name onto your flags and stick the skewers in the cake! Super Easy and I LOVE the final look! How sweet and girly!

MLP cake with pony

Happy Baking!


4 thoughts on “Cake Topper Banner Tutorial

    • Christina says:

      I got them at Michaels craft store. They were only $1! And super adorable. They weren’t with the other stamps but in the middle of one of the main aisles inside a display. I hope they have a Michaels where you are and that you can find them! Good luck!:)

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