Wilton Decorator Tips & Numbers FREE Printable


I have been debating for a while now on whether or not to order a poster from Wilton that shows all of the tips, their numbers and what design they make. Something like that is handy, even for me as some of these tips you simply do not use on a regular basis. But, alas, I didn’t want to pay for it and pay shipping, I hate paying shipping.

So I was scouring the internet, as I tend to do, and I found a link to the same images as the poster but in a printable form! Aww! Bestill my heart, FREE Printable!?!? Sweeeet!


I didn’t make this handy dandy little do-dad, but I am thankful to whoever did. It is a great little printable to have. I have most tips in my cake crafting arsenol but not all. This print out is going into my binder of goodies for cake decorating and I just had to share it with any of you edible art creating folks out there.

If you are a cake decorator or just want to learn more about the craft, you may find this to be useful.

Happy Baking Everyone!



4 thoughts on “Wilton Decorator Tips & Numbers FREE Printable

  1. twogirlsenteronecakeleaves says:

    Thank you! I’m not gonna lie–I live about 45 minutes from Wilton headquarters & the Wilton store. I bought a whole bunch of these tips ages ago, and during spring cleaning I realized I had no idea what they were supposed to make, but I’m sure that when I was in the store looking at that poster I was impressed and decided, “I NEED THAT!” ~Victoria

    • Christina says:

      Oh wow! I want to go to the headquarters and store! I would be dangerous in the store though. I think I’d get myself and my bank account in a whole lot of trouble!

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