Macho Taco Birthday

Tacos and Cacti above

Last week we celebrated my husband’s birthday. He is a native of California and LOVES LOVES LOVES tacos. I don’t think there are enough words in the english language for me to use to describe his love and borderline sick obsession with this food. He grew up on Mexican food like Rosa Maria’s and Mexico Cafe. While I have never been to his home land, I have had the pleasure of eating Rosa Maria’s burritos. They actually will ship them to you! They are delicious!

I thought long and hard about what sort of cake to make for him. I didn’t want to make anything huge, because we would never eat it all, but I wanted to make something fun and different. So I decided on cake tacos and cacti cupcakes.


The shells are made from sugar cookie dough that I bought at the grocery store. I rolled it out and cut it with a 6 inch round cookie cutter. I then baked them at 325 F for 12 minutes on a parchment covered cookie sheet (that was the magic number of minutes for my oven).

Photo1 (6)

Once they came out of the oven I immediately and GENTLY folded them over a kitchen towel. You must do it when they are hot from the oven because they are still pliable. If you wait even a minute they will harden and break. Let them sit and cool completely.


I baked a 9×13 cake prior to making the “shells”. I made chocolate fudge cake. Once the shells cooled, I CAREFULLY AND GENTLY layered some chocolate cake in the bottom of the shell. Be extremely careful with the shell because they will break very easily! I went through many shells beforehand because I got a little rough with them. If they crack or break you can try to wrap them in the tissue paper to hold them together and no one will ever know they are damaged.


Once the cake was safely layered in the shell, I spooned in some sour cream (white buttercream), some lettuce (green buttercream), cheese (cut up starburst) and tomatoes (cut up twizzlers).  I then folded colorful tissue paper around the taco and placed it in a chip dip tray I found at a thrift store. It is an awesome sombrero!

Tray of Tacos

I then spatula iced a cupcake with white buttercream and placed it in the center to resemble sour cream. These tacos were a big hit!


Next for the cupcakes, I iced six different cupcakes to resemble cacti. Once Iced I placed them in a terracotta tray and buried them in graham cracker crumb sand.

Cacti 2

You can use tip 18 to pipe pull out stars on top of a flat cupcake. Or make a ball of fondant, attach it to the cupcake with buttercream and cover it with pull out stars as pictured above. Pipe a small flower on top.

Cacti with rose

This cactus is a large elongated ball of fondant covered with green buttercream and tip 352 (leaf tip). I then piped some small roses on top with tip 101.

Tacos and Cacti

These cacti and tacos would be great for any taco lover’s birthday or Cinco de Mayo celebration!



2 thoughts on “Macho Taco Birthday

    • Christina says:

      Thank you! As I was putting the cactus together I kept giggling to myself because I LOVED how they were coming together. I tend to laugh when a project is coming together and looking really well, odd I know. lol. What a fun idea for Mexican theme or Cinco De Mayo!

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