Joy In The Journey

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It’s been another hectic week and I’m heading into yet another. My hubby’s birthday was this past week, more to come about that later. I am planning a curriculum for a church camp where I will be teaching littles a few cake decorating skills, end of the school year stuff, and it was the last week of my April classes. Next week will consist of field trips, cake orders and the first week of May’s classes. It never ends, and I’m so grateful that it never does.

Recently I reached a milestone in my Wilton Instructor career. I started teaching as a trained Wilton method instructor one year ago June 1st. It was slow to start, which is normally the case from what I understand, plus I began at the beginning of summer when no one is particularly interested in baracading themselves in a craft store for 2 hours to learn about cake decorating. But this past year has been an amazing  journey!

Recently I taught my 100th student. This is a milestone as an instructor. They send you a little certificate and a “Century Club” lapel pin. It is a small momento of a big change in my life. One year ago I took a huge leap of faith by quitting my full-time job at a major insurance company to follow a dream of spending more time with my kids, still maintaining an income, never paying daycare ever again and being the mother and wife that I have always strived to be.

In a class last week I was having a candid conversation with one of my students turned friends. We were discussing busy lives, kids, politics and world events. She herself is struggling through some battles, as we all truly are. She said something that has resonated with me since: “Find Joy in the Journey”. Hmmm… that got me thinking.

Finding joy is sometimes easier said than done. Life happens, it clouds our days and our vision of what’s truly important. We easily become distracted by life’s interruptions. Many are miserable at their jobs, unhappy in marriages, stressed about bills…it happens. Life happens. It’s not always going to be rosy sunshine with unicorns and fairies. But it’s those times when I have felt the most stressed that I have found peace in reflecting on the joys in my life. Just like my seemingly mundane Century Club pin, it is a little bit of joy in my cake decorating journey. I can’t wait to see what comes into my life in this next year! I will keep on finding my joy everyday through my journey.



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