^j^ Blog Angel Reveal! ^j^


Earlier in the month I gave a little teaser about the Blog Angels program hosted by Craftbotic.comI participated in for the entire month of April. You can read about that here. So all month-long I have been stalking a certain blog. I have shared some of their posts on here, re-tweeted some great things and interacted with them on their site. I would love to do more things like create a badge for them or one of a million other things that people do but I am still relatively new to blogging and it’s a learning process.

The blog I chose to be an angel for is incredible! I love her site. She focuses on eating a clean and natural diet, she is a mommy and mommy to be and shares her pregnancy journey with the masses, and she hosts tons of awesome giveaways! She is passionate about cloth diapering and natural birth, loves dancing, crocheting and her wonderful family. I would like to introduce Martine of Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

Leona Martine

I have been thoroughly enjoying her blog all month-long! I have loved reading about cloth diapering because it is something I wish I would have done with my kids and plan to do if any more little ones come along.

She is a mama after my own heart which is why I was drawn to her blog! She is a crafty Christian mama that loves to cross-stitch, to draw and paint and vintage photography. When I read her about page I could sense this lady just might be a kindred soul. These are all things I enjoy as well!

Her blog has inspired me to try out being a Foodie Penpal, feeding better food to my family and try new recipes (hers are amazing!). I am also inspired to try out Conscious Box and perfect my crocheting skills.

It has been an honor to be an angel to this chicks awesome blog! I have had so much fun! Head on over to her site and check it out for yourself!

If you think you might want to be a Blog Angel to someone’s blog then check out Craftbotic’s site for more info.


3 thoughts on “^j^ Blog Angel Reveal! ^j^

  1. Rosie says:

    I am so glad that you two were able to meet! It sounds like you found a great blog to read and your bloggy soul mate. Thank you for taking part and hope to see you again in June.

    Rosie xo

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