New Wilton Products! Day Five….


photo 1

I know it’s been a few days since I last posted, so lets just jump right in, shall we? I have been doing a series on the new Wilton products that are hitting the shelves this spring. So far I have discussed the new “Spray-N-Seal”, the “Form-N-Save”, the “Bake Even Strips” and the “Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser”. Today I want to highlight a new gadget, the newest form of bag ties, the Decorating Bag Clips. Now, before I go on, I must share that I am a trained Wilton Method Instructor and am strictly sharing my own opinions. I am not being paid by Wilton to write reviews or share my opinion on this product.

I was very skeptical of this product when I got it. One look at it and I thought it was a gimick.I have the other bag ties which is essentially a large rubber band and I love those. Those are great for newbies or someone who might be dealing with arthritis or carpel tunnel who struggles with hand strength. But these new things……..oh but these……..

photo 2

Here I am attempting to wrap this contraption around the way it said on the package. The white plastic piece is actually a loop that you slide the top of the bag into, then you wrap the purple rubber band around the white loop and attach and then somehow it’s suppose to work and be easier than the other rubber band like contraption I already have.

photo 3

As you can see, I broke it. I wrapped it and the rubber band part snapped back on me leaving a nice little welt on my hand. This was not easy to use at all and ended up being a little painful! I have heard others having similar experiences with them as well. They are more expensive than the rubber band ties that are on the market and you don’t get as many per package! I did not like this product at all. As soon as it snapped on my hand, I threw it out! Good Riddens!

I’m sorry Wilton, I love you dearly and you have been very good to me but I just do not like your new offspring known as Decorating Bag Clips. I will stick to twisting my bag and holding it tightly or when my cake induced arthritis kicks in I’ll wrap one of my handy-dandy good ol’ fashioned Wilton rubber band bag ties. I guess it is what it is.

If you have a different experience then I would love to hear about it or if you are nursing a hefty welt on your hand as well then I would love to hear about that too.

Happy Baking!


2 thoughts on “New Wilton Products! Day Five….

  1. Christina says:

    I saw these today at the store.. Thanks for your review! I’m new to this decorating thing and I figured new-they must be better! Now I know to get the purple ones =)

    • Christina says:

      You are welcome! It’s amazing all of the little tools and do-dads that are in the cake decorating aisle at the craft store! When I first started out I never thought I would be able to name every strange contraption in that place. I tell my students that it will all come together and make sense. I promise! Thanks for stopping by!

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