New Wilton Products! Day Four…


Over the last few days I have been reviewing some of the new products by Wilton. You can see those posts here, here and here. And just like my other posts, I must reiterate that these reviews are strictly my opinion! I am not writing on behalf of Wilton and they are not paying me to review any of these items.

Today I am going to show you one of the things I was most excited to receive, the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser. This little device is supposed to make filling cupcakes a breeze, no mess and no stress.


The dispenser is a unique tip that fits onto any piping bag. It has a rubber stopper in the tip to keep the batter from pouring out everywhere. You simply affix it to your bag, fill with batter and add to your cupcake liners. Sounds simple enough, right?


I filled the bag, proceeded to squeeze it out and……….nothing came out! I SQUEEZEEEEEEEED as hard as I could and nothing came out! I had a very bad hand cramp after a while. After a while of squeezing, a small string of batter started to come out. I ended up taking this dispenser tip-off and using my cupcake spoons instead.

Even though I now have cake-induced arthritis, I didn’t want to scrap the idea of this tool. I was perplexed though. I didn’t use a batter that consisted of strange lumpy things like carrots, pineapple or chocolate chips. It was simply a yellow cake.

I decided to give it a go one last time today. I made some chocolate cake, filled my bag, took a deep breath, said a prayer and squeezed away. I still had to put a lot of pressure on the bag, but the chocolate came out a little easier.

Photo1 (6)

If you just hold the bag over the cupcake liner and squeeze, you will get strands of batter laying in the cup. Not exactly how the picture on the packaging looks.

I found that if I held the bag at a 90 degree angle (straight up and down), squeezed and sort of kept the tip slightly buried in the batter as it filled I got better results. Sorry, I completely forgot to take a picture of this. But if you keep the tip sort of buried in the batter and raise the tip with the batter as it fills, then you will have a nice, even layer of batter in your cupcake liner. 

Photo2 (5)

My cupcakes baked up beautifully!

I will continue to work with this tool because I’m not totally convinced on its usefulness. If you happen to give this a try I would LOVE to hear your own experiences.

Happy Baking!


7 thoughts on “New Wilton Products! Day Four…

    • Christina says:

      If you try it I would love to hear about your experiences. My manager tried it out and said it worked great! However when I tried it for a second time I still had to squeeze incredibly hard and it was very difficult! I have the measuring spoons for each cupcake size. Those don’t work very well either, more of a nuissance to me. I personally like a cookie scoop or ice cream scoop. I am so glad you stopped by my site!!! 🙂

      • twogirlsenteronecakeleaves says:

        Yeah, there’s not a whole lot that would tempt me away from my OXO ice cream scoop for filling standard size cupcakes, but the little cupcakes it looks like it could be a lot less messy. The stores near me aren’t selling that particular product yet but I’m looking forward to giving it a try 🙂

  1. Carmen says:

    I just used this for the first time for mini cupcakes and although my hand is a bit sore (250 cupcakes later) from squeezing I love this product!! I would not use it for regular size cupcakes though, i can fill with my ice cream scoop much faster for regulars. I almost gave up after filling 10 because I was only getting a string of batter and turning my knuckles white in the process, but then I filled the 16 in. bag not quite as full and twisted the heck out of it so there was a little more pressure and it worked great! It did get a little looser the more I used it as well. I kept it above the batter. I frequently bake 100’s of minis and I think after I use this more my hand will strengthen and the soreness won’t happen. It wasn’t that bad once I got the hang of it, most of the soreness is probably from the first 10 I did, lol. I found this mess free for minis and I love that!

    • Christina says:

      I’m so glad this product worked out for you! From the response I’ve heard from people is that it either works or doesn’t. I had the whole stringy thing happen to me also. And I’m like you, I love my ice cream scoop for regular cupcakes! I’ll have to try the 16 in bag next time. I just used the 12 in when I gave it a shot. Thanks so much for the feedback!

      • Carmen says:

        Christina, do try it with the 16in bag, and don’t fill it as full as you would if you we’re doing frosting. I think on the package it recommends the 16in bag, but I threw it away already and that’s all I use just about. Good luck I’m curious to see if it works better for you.

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