New Wilton Products! Day Three…

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Over the last two days I have reviewed some of the new Wilton products.  You can see Day One and Day Two here. Today I want to discuss the new and improved “Bake-Even Strips”. Before I go any further I must add that these posts are strictly my opinion and not the opinion of Wilton. Even though I am a trained Wilton method instructor, these are my opinions and mine only.

Bake-Even strips are a wonderful invention that uses basic science (and you thought you would never use science in real life!) mixed with a dash of baking skills and know how.

When a cake bakes, the sides tend to bake faster because that portion of the batter is touching the hot metal pan. This typically results in hard and crusty sides as well as a dome shape top.

Many bakers are familiar with the process of leveling a cake by cutting off that dome shape so that you have a flat even cake surface to work with. It is crucial to have a level surface to your cakes!

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It’s a simple concept that works wonders. You wrap the strip around your pan and size it to your pan. Then you soak the strip in water, wring out the water so that the strip is damp, fit it to the pan and bake! The moisture from the strip will allow the cake to bake evenly. There will be no dome or burnt sides!

I love the strips. They work wonderful to achieve the level cake. My only advice is to make sure there is enough moisture in the strip. The first time I used it there wasn’t enough water in it and the cake cracked. For additional info on this check out the below video from Wilton.

Happy Baking!


4 thoughts on “New Wilton Products! Day Three…

  1. tamikadoubell says:

    Oh how super, thanks for this. yes you are right, i thought i would never use science in real life, haha! and just my luck i will do this and there wont be enough moisture in the bloody thing haha i never did get an a for science !!! Super post and super blog!!! Love your blog. I especially like your photo with the moustache!! lol . Pls do check out mine at : 🙂 xxx

    • Christina says:

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m so glad you did. I have been looking around your site and I love it! You are doing incredible things with your career and charity work. Keep it up! Carpe Diem…Seize the Day! I’m so glad that our blogging paths have crossed lol.

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