New Wilton Products! Day Two…

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Yesterday I reviewed the new “Spray-N-Seal” product by Wilton. Today I am going to show you the new “Form-N-Save” set!  This is a set of three containers, with lids, that are designed for storing gumpaste or royal icing flowers. I will admit, I was really excited to get this in my box of goodies! I love any kind of storage/organizing methods! NOTE: The following review is strictly my opinion. I am not paid by Wilton to advertise or review their products! 

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I typically use left over plastic containers from restaurants or deli meat containers to store my things. And because none of those are the same size, it gets a little difficult and messy trying to organize them on my shelf. With this three box set I will be able to neatly stack them!

Photo1 (5)The boxes come in three different designs. They are designed for three very specific types/shapes/sizes of flowers.

  1. One has four cavities designed for concave and convex flowers. Best for small flowers.
  2. The second has two compartments designed for large and flat flowers like the Gerbera Daisy.
  3. The last is designed without any compartments. This is ideal to hold wired petals and leaves.

I’ll be honest, this probably isn’t a product I would purchase just because I am all about reusing containers from other food products. I just wouldn’t be able to justify spending the money on these when I have a cabinet full of containers I refuse to throw out. BUT, since this was an awesome gift from Wilton I will gladly take it and put them to good use! I can’t wait to fill these babies up!!!

This is a great product to have on hand for all of your delicate hand made flowers!

Photo1 (4)

Happy Baking!


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