New Wilton Products! Day One…

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So a week or week and a half ago, I forget now, I received a box of goodies in the mail from Wilton cake products. Because I am an instructor, they sent me some of the new things to try out and showcase in class. I’m going to talk about them here. I WILL give my honest opinion (sorry if it’s not all positive). I am realistic, practical and will not fluff up the truth or blow smoke. I will be posting about each of these products every day. NOTE: I am NOT being paid to advertise or review these items and even though I am an instructor I am simply giving my honest opinion on each product.



The first product I’m going to talk about is the “Wilton Spray-N-Seal”. The purpose of this new product is to seal any crumbs from the cake to prevent them from getting mixed into your icing.

The Claim

The can promises to “reduce crumbs in incing” and “seal cakes in minutes”! It also claims that  there is no need to pre-ice your cake and, one can covers a 10 inch cake and it will not add flavor to your cake.

How It Works

The “Spray-N-Seal” is simply coconut oil in an aerosol can. You simply spray a heavy coating on your un-iced cake, place it in the refrigerator for 3 minutes (according to the can) the oil will solidify locking in the crumbs, and you can ice your cake happily and without worry of crumbs in your icing.

The Reality Of It All

I was really anxious to try this out. I always put a crumb coat on my cakes to lock in any excess crumbs, then pop the cake in the refrigerator for at least an hour sometimes more. I was hoping that this would save me the step of doing the crumb coat. One thing that is for certain is that cake decorating is a lengthy process. You have making the recipe, baking, cooling, leveling, assembling, making icing, making icing colors, fondant in some cases and any other decorations that may be required. So the idea of cutting out just a small step got me a little excited.


I baked up a few cakes and decided to try out the “Spray-N-Seal” on my teensy weensy 4 inch cake pictured to the right. I gave it a healthy spray of the sealant then placed it in the refrigerator for the 3 minutes the can called for.

After three minutes I pulled it out and began to ice the cake. Sadly I was picking up crumbs. So I put it back in the refrigerator for a full hour. This way my cake was nicely chilled and the sealant would be given ample time to solidify.

After an hour, I pulled it out and was able to ice the cake beautifully. No Crumbs!


In conclusion I would say that this product is worth it. The 3 minute rule didn’t work for me. It could very well be my refrigerator, the humidity in the air, my house could have been too hot at the moment….who knows! The “Seal-N-Spray” is a good item to try yourself. I will be trying this again very soon. You may find that you like it and it just might shave off some time on the decorating process.

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Happy Baking!!!


6 thoughts on “New Wilton Products! Day One…

    • Christina says:

      Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! You still need to ice with buttercream before applying fondant, you’ll always want to do this. The buttercream gives the fondant something more to stick to, a little more substance. Plus the fondant will help lock in moisture and keep your cake fresh and moist tasting. Just make sure to ice the buttercream smooth so that your fondant lays smooth on top. 🙂

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