Become A Foodie Penpal


I’ve been on a personal mission to not only save money by taking advantage of every freebie I run across, clipping coupons faster than Edward Scissorhands and budgeting everything down to the last penny. But I’ve also made a personal goal to feed myself and my family healthier foods.

In all honesty we don’t eat a lot of horrible things. You will rarely find potato chips in my cupboards (always have tortilla chips though), we do not and will not eat boxed foods like Hamburger Helper (they are filled with all sorts of nastiness) and we stay away from hormone injected meats as well as processed meat (some may slip in here and there). Needless to say there are some serious challenges to living a healthier lifestyle when I make a living as a home baker and cake decorator. It’s not impossible though.

FAst Food

I’ve been searching the web far and wide for inspiring blogs by others who are on a similar journey. I have found a few that are now my favs but one in particular has me captivated. I love her site! She is a clean eating, cloth diapering, crafty Christian mama who I can relate with. Her site is Whey Beyond the Naked TruthI stumbled across a post of hers about Foodie Penpals…..immediately interested!

The way it works is Foodie Penpals links you up with a penpal. You then get in contact with one another and send a box of Food Goodies to one another. There is a spending limit. You can read about it here at The Lean Green Bean ,from the site who created it.

Canned GoodsIt’s Simple:

  1. Go to their website and fill out the form 
  2. Submit by the 4th of the month
  3. Contact your match within 72 hours
  4. Learn of any dietary needs, allergies or food preferences that need to be addressed
  5. Mail your box by the 15th of the month
  6. You’ll get your box and enjoy!

I’m sad that I just found out about this and I missed the deadline for this month. I am most definitely signing up for next month. I can’t wait to try this! I’ll keep you posted!


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