Cash on Consignment

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All this week I had planned on completing some Spring cleaning, clearing out the clutter and organizing my home. Sadly, it didn’t happen. No matter what, my plans sometimes just never work out. Today was a very busy day that I have been preparing for all week long! Today our church hosted their semi-annual children’s resale. It’s a consignment sale where you can enter your gently used kids stuff, sell it and earn a little bit of cash!


I volunteered in the Fall and now again in the Spring, but this was the first time I had entered any items to sell. I didn’t expect to get rich from this, but simply wanted to make a little extra money and get rid of the junk in my house!

Most of what I sold were clothes. The moms that sell baby things like high chairs, cribs, car seats etc. can walk away with a nice and hefty little paycheck. I knew that wasn’t going to happen for me. My kids are past those stages and now I just have clothes and some other toys to sell.

Regardless of what I have or don’t have, I was still able to sell most of my stuff and take a little bit of money home. Plus I picked up some really cute summer items for my kids. Can’t beat that!


Waiting in line to pre-shop!

OH YEAH! I forgot to mention, most of these day only/weekend sales give special shopping privaledges to sellers. I got to pre-shop Friday evening for first dibs on some great bargains!!!

How much can you make selling on Consignment?

  1. There are many different types of consignment sale options. This one in particular is a one day sale where the seller makes 75% of their profits! That’s actually pretty darn good!
  2. Another consignment option in my area is one called the Three Bags Full Sale. It’s a weekend long sale located at different locations around central Ohio. In this sale, you earn more if you volunteer more. At this sale you can earn 60-80%. There is typically a $10 consignor fees but this can be deminished depending on how much you volunteer.
  3. Consignment store fronts are another option. The downside of this is your items may take longer to sell as they can possibly sit in the store for a longer period of time. Plus you may not make as much money.

How Does it Work?

At both my church’s consignment sale and The Three Bags Full Sale, you make your price. You also have to enter in the information yourself online into their database, print off the clothing tags and attach them to each article you plan to sell. This can get extremely tedious! I was ready to go crazy trying to get this all done. Each sale will have their own rules you must follow so pay close attention to the details in order for your experience to go as smooth as possible. 

If you are going to sell in a store front make sure that the store gets good foot traffic. Also, go check it out. Look around and get a feel for how the owner and workers treat other people’s items, customers and how they take care of the store. Make sure to get the store’s terms in writing and set a timetable on your items. Tell them you will be back in a set amount of time to pick up your items. Also, make sure to find out about their tracking systems. You want to make sure they are adequately keeping track of sales so that your commissions are correctly recorded.


Making Your Items Sell!
  1. Don’t go too high on the price. I know you may have paid $35 for that adorable Ralph Lauren dress brand new, but no one wants to pay $20 for a gently used dress. Remember people are there for a deal so price it accordingly. The higher priced items are almost always left over at the resale. It helps to do some research on the items you are wanting to sell. Get online and see if you can find similar items used for sale. Use this as a guideline. 
  2. Wash your clothes! You’ve probably been storing those children’s clothes in a box in your attic or basement for months. The last thing someone wants to do is pick up that beautiful outfit and have it smell musty or like moth balls. Wash it up ahead of time.
  3. Same with toys, give them a good scrub down before taking them to the sale. Clean off any and all dirt, dried up milk, dust or whatever! Make it nice and shiny.
  4. Hang up dresses or formal attire. For some reason dresses that are hung up seem to sell better than if they are laid out on the table. Also, some sales may require that you hang up ALL of your clothes. Just check the requirements of the sale you are participating in.
  5. Tie the shoelaces together of shoes so that they don’t get separated. Also, give these a good wash up as well.


Good Luck Parents! Get out there and clear the clutter and make some money!!!


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