Free Cookies for Kids at Giant Eagle

Cookie Card

I find grocery shopping to be one of the most stressful events I take part in on a weekly basis. I know it sounds crazy but it is soooo true! Everything from taking inventory of the pantry, making my list, researching the ads to find the best deals, clipping coupons, looking over the ads again, checking online sites for any additional coupons I might be able to use, and of course checking the ads just one more time before making the trip to the store. THEN you have to fight traffic to the store, deal with other shoppers who like to leave their shopping cart in the middle of the aisle, walk out in front of you or stop to socialize with their bridge club friends. Add your little ones to the equation and it’s a recipe for a nervous breakdown, leading to a permanent twitch that is deserving of a large glass of wine!

The grocery chain, Giant Eagle, has gone great lengths to make grocery shopping easy and carefree. They offer a very nice daycare type service right inside the store. My local Giant Eagle has video games, board games, arts and crafts and lots of other fun things to keep the kids busy. In order to drop off your child they must be 3-9 years old.

Cookie Card Back

They also offer the Kids Cookie Card! It’s super easy, the kids get a free cookie from the bakery and benefits your local children’s hospital. Here’s how it works, you pay $1 for a card and when you visit the store your kids get a delicious freshly baked cookie! Plus all proceeds from the cards goes to your local children’s hospital!

If you have a Giant Eagle in your area, check out the Kids Cookie Club!


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