Free Kids Books at Barnes & Noble


I LOVE to read. Reading can unlock the doors to undiscovered worlds, historical figures and inspirational stories. I love getting immersed in a good book. You know the kind that makes you sad when you finish the very last page. LOVE IT! Well, I try to instill the same love for reading with my kids. We have so many books we could seriously open up a small library, not kidding.


I just stumbled across this awesome deal and had to share with all of you! This summer B&N is running their Summer Reading program. It’s simple. Beginning May 22 – Sept 4, for every 8 books your child reads, they can turn in a reading journal to your local B&N store to receive a FREE book!

Go to Barnes and Noble’s site to download and print the reading journal that your child will need to fill out. There is also an educators packet you can download complete with worksheets and other activities!


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