An Afternoon At The Conservatory

Now that spring break is over things can get back to normal. But only two more months and they will be out of school for the summer. Yikes. Ok, I can’t get ahead of myself.

red orchids

This week I am off of work so I will be using this time to do some much-needed Spring cleaning without the kids slamming me left and right with a million questions or throwing themselves in front of the “donate” box in an attempt to halt the donation of those toys they don’t play with.


Early in the week I went on a snowy hike to a nearby waterfall.

This week it’s suppose to warm up very very little. That’s the way it is though in Ohio and much of the midwest. The joke among locals is if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and it’ll change. Last week when the kids were home, we had 4 inches of snow at the beginning of the week, then sun, then warmer weather ending the week with rain showers. One of those days, when all three of us were suffering from major cabin fever, we took a field trip to The Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH.

snowy path

Yellow OrchidThe Conservatory is amazingly beautiful. It’s a great place to visit any time of year. There is always something to see and enjoy. Currently it is an interesting time because outside on the grounds signs of Spring are beginning to show. Small flowers are peaking through the cold ground and tiny buds can be seen on some trees. In the next few weeks the area will go through a big transformation, and I can’t wait!



The stare down between me and this cute little guy.


Right now, the conservatory has a few special events taking place; Blooms and Butterflies and Orchids. Blooms and Butterflies is incredible. There are so many little fluttering creatures exploring the “Brazilian Rainforest”.

White ButterflyBefore you enter, the kids can pick up a sheet with pictures of the different butterflies. As you walk through you can check them off as you find them. It’s sort of a scavenger hunt.

pink orchid

The same is true of the Orchids. As you walk through the entire conservatory you will be greeted around every corner by variations of magnificent Orchids. They have a delicate beauty that is captivating to the eye and demands admiration.  There is one room at the conservatory that is completely filled with varieties of Orchids. The room is richly aromatic and visually amazing.


Scattered throughout the conservatory are these incredible glass sculptures by an amazing artist named Chihuly. He is incredible. I love his work! A year and a half ago when my family and I went on a Disney cruise, one of his pieces hung on the ship.

Chihuly 2

The Chihuly pieces on display are captivating, whimsical and brilliant. Each time you cast your gaze upon them your eye will be drawn to something new.

AuroraAnother artist that is new to the conservatory is Aurora Robson. Her work is extremely unique because everything she uses she has found as trash. When you take a closer look you will soon realize that what you see are pieces of plastic bottles that have been cut, carved and shaped into these fanciful displays. It is a real reminder of how much trash is discarded into our environment. I love how she has taken these discarded items and turned them into charming works of art.

aurora 2

As we walked through her exhibit and admired her work throughout, my daughters and I were captivated by the intricacy of each exhibit. We were inspired by what she has done with everyday trash, something that we all see everyday, drive by on our way to work, yet have become hardened by the sights. She found beauty in what others have discarded.

In the gallery some of her other work is displayed. She also makes paintings and collages from junk mail and excessive packaging. Truly amazing and inspiring to see.

If you ever find yourself in the Columbus Ohio area, may I recommend paying a visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory. There are some spectacular things to see and do. Check their site for special events and classes. They host a variety of classes including glass blowing and cooking as well as things for the kids to take part in. It is a great way to spend the afternoon enjoying the splendor of nature and the ingenuity of incredible art.



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