Egg A Friend Friday

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Today has been one hectic day. I have run all over central Ohio and I’m not even done yet! While we were out running errands and visiting family, I decided to give a little surprise to a friend of mine. Unfortunately we live far apart and rarely get to see one another. She has two adorable little boys and recently has been struggling with some ailments. The surprise…..egging her house. I knew she was home with them so we needed to be extra stealthy in our surprise attack.

photo 4 (1)

Now, it’s not what you think. I didn’t take my children to a house with a dozen raw eggs and hurl them at people. I didn’t teach them how to pitch eggs in an act of vandalism. This egging was on the fun and lighthearted side.

photo 3 (2)

We took 12 plastic eggs and filled 11 with candy. You intentionally leave one empty to represent Jesus’ empty tomb on Easter morning. It was my daughter’s job to hide the eggs in the front yard of my friend’s house. I printed off a sign I found online to put on the front door. You can find the link here. This site has tons of freebies that are awesome! Then I put together a little Easter basket with some goodies and placed it at the front door. Next, I laid a can of chicken noodle soup with a pretty bow on it for my friend.

photo 2 (1)

After I left, I sent her a quick text to let her know there was a little surprise on her front porch. She said her boys were so excited and had so much fun finding the eggs. She also appreciated the little can of soup.

Have fun and go egg a friend today! 🙂



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