The Lord Is My Shepherd Magnet

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I’m so happy to report that today was a partly sunny day here in C-bus Ahia (Columbus Ohio). It’s still cold but thank goodness the sun still exists and was able to break up the dreariness of the last few days. Since the kids are still on Spring break I had to think of another thing to keep them entertained with today. I had this craft in mind, and I actually made it myself late last night, but I wanted to spend the day out of the house, around people and some fresh flowers. I decided to take them to The Franklin Park Conservatory. It’s incredibly beautiful! Currently there are orchids on display as well as butterflies. I’ll tell you more in another post.

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After spending the day out and about we came home, had some dinner, played a few titillating games of Battleship and sat down to pick up on the crafting where we left off. I decided we would get started on this adorable little lamb magnet that I found in the craft book my daughter brought home from the school library. I fell in love with it. Too adorable, and extremely easy!


  1. Small Rectangle piece of wood OR small chalkboard if you can find it. These chalk board crafts were really popular about 10 years ago and you could find them everywhere. I didn’t have any luck so I just painted the look of a chalkboard.
  2. Heart shaped wood piece for the head (I found a bag of different sized hearts at Michaels for a few dollars)
  3. Popsicle sticks
  4. Black pen or fine tip permanent marker (found one at Hobby Lobby for around $2)
  5. White craft paint
  6. Black craft paint
  7. Thin Ribbon
  8. White permanent marker pen
  9. Magnet Roll

photo 1

What To Do:

  1.  First you will want to paint all of your pieces. I painted the heart, two entire popsicle sticks, and the ends of two popsicle sticks white. The ends are for the ears and tail of the completed lamb.
  2. Paint your rectangle piece black with a white border so it resembles a chalkboard.
  3. photo 3Once dry, using a black pen or fine tip permanent marker draw the details onto your lamb and it’s little feet. (See bottom picture of completed lamb)
  4. Cut two of the popsicle sticks in half. These are now the legs of the lamb.
  5. Hot glue onto the back of the “chalkboard”.
  6. Cut the painted ends off of one popsicle stick and hot glue onto the back of the lambs head.
  7. Next cut one painted end off of a popsicle stick and glue it on the back side of the top left corner of the “chalkboard” for the tail.
  8. Now, using a white permanent pen, write your message on the chalkboard. We followed the craft book exactly so we went with “the Lord is my Shepherd”. My daughters are going to make their own also. I think I may have them write different phrases like “Lamb of God” or “Mighty is the Lamb”.

photo (8)

If you are trying to find ways to keep your precious little ones busy this Spring break or searching for an easy hand made craft or gift, then give this little lamb a try!

Happy Easter Everyone!


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