“He Has Risen” Wreath


I have had an itch to craft recently. Baking and decorating is of course fun but sometimes I just need to craft something other than cake. What a more perfect time to let the creativity flow than with the upcoming Easter celebrations. I’ve also been struck with spring fever for a while now. It definitely seems like winter will never ever end! I need a remedy!!

I decided my front door needed some new dressings. The standard old Easter Egg wreath I normally put out just wasn’t making the cut. It’s adorable, happy and embodies springtime but I needed a change. I set out on a mission to create something new and unique. I wanted to make a wreath in the shape of a cross embellished with spring flowers and a bird nest. I have seen something similar online but I wanted to make something my own.

cross nest

So I set out on a mission to find some sticks. Sounds simple enough right? Well, not so much. I live in a community that only has pine trees as their foliage of choice. However, nearby is a beautiful park along a river. My daughters and I set out to scavenge for twigs. Luckily for us, there were many to choose from. They haven’t been cleaned up from the months of harsh winter weather. The girls and I loaded up all that we could carry, threw them in the back of the van, waved at some puzzled onlookers and went home.

I love the completed wreath. All together it only cost me $3.15 to make! The project was simple, cheap and turned out beautiful!


  1. A pile of thin branches and twigs
  2. Rubberbands
  3. Twine or hemp
  4. Glue gun
  5. Silk Flowers (I bought mine from the dollar store)
  6. Bird Nest with Eggs (I bought one at the dollar store)
  7. Small piece of wood for plaque (I got mine at Michaels for .29)
  8. Paint
  9. Paper Doily (optional)

What To Do


  1. Begin by arranging your branches/twigs by size. The vertical line of the cross needs to be a bit longer than the horizontal cross-piece. 
  2. Once you have the pieces organized, rubberband the two bundles separately. You’ll want to group the long pieces together then the shorter pieces together.
  3. Next, lay the horizontal bundle across the vertical bundle to decide placement. Then rubberband the two bundles together. cross branches
  4. Using twine or hemp, tightly wrap the two bundles together covering up the rubberbanded areas. This will just add a little more security to the wreath and covers up the rubberbands.
  5. Cut and arrange the silk flowers in the center and glue with the glue gun.
  6. Glue the bird’s nest over top of the center of the flowers.
  7. For the plaque, paint it black. Let it dry completely.
  8. Cut a design from a paper doily and glue to two of the opposite corners of the plaque.
  9. In the center paint with white paint “he has risen…” or any other Easter greeting. I used a stamp I purchased from Michaels for $1.
  10. Attach a string of twine to the back for hanging or use florist wire.

he has risen

Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on ““He Has Risen” Wreath

    • Christina says:

      Thank you! I love your site. I only have experience with cross stitch. My mom, aunt and grandmother cross stitch. I have always wanted to venture into other things but just haven’t. I have enough hobbies. LOL. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew also. I would love to work on something with you. I just wouldn’t know where to begin. 🙂

      • moonstarcarmencs says:

        My designs also work for cross-stitch, but if you can cross-stitch you can needlepoint! I could walk you through the transition.

        If you really would like to do a piece together, it would start with you picking someone or ones that you would like to prayer for. We would go from there.

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