Resurrection Eggs

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I love this time of year. Warmer weather, the leaves are coming back and flowers are starting to……oh wait. I forgot, it’s still winter here in OHIO!!!! In fact there’s a hefty winter storm headed our way that will blanket us with 3-6 inches tomorrow evening! The groundhog lied.

Either way, no matter if there’s snow on the ground or cold wintry winds still sweeping through the air, Easter is next Sunday. I love Easter. I love all that it represents. The love of Jesus for mankind, dying on the cross so that we can have salvation. God giving his only son to save his creation. When you truly think about it, it is such an overwhelming act of love for a people who don’t deserve it. nail

Anyhoo, I was playing around on the internet this morning and came across a site that I’m certain is one of my favorites. It is run by a woman named September. She had a page dedicated to creating resurrection eggs for her kids. I immediately knew I HAD to make these for us. In fact I can’t figure out why I’ve NEVER made them!

What are resurrection eggs? Well, it’s a fun way to learn the story of how Jesus died. You fill up Easter eggs with items/tokens that represent a part of the passion story. Then you accompany those tokens with a Bible verse to match. Her site suggests 12 eggs with 11 tokens and 12 verses. Then you open up an egg a day (in order) and read the verse as a family. Or, you could do 7 if you like and begin the process on Palm Sunday reading verses all the way to Easter morning. Either way, have fun with it. Learn the verses and crucifixion story. Immerse yourself in the meaning of this day and trust in Him because “what can wipe away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus”. 


Below are the instructions for making the resurrection eggs. I took this directly from September’s site. I have made a few of my own changes though. Please make these eggs as you want. There are so many pieces and parts of the story that you can incorporate into the eggs. Just have fun with it!



  1. 12 plastic Easter eggs
  2. Tokens from around the house or pictures printed off (I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt around the house for these items)
  3. Permanent marker to number the eggs
  4. Strips of paper with corresponding verse

Tokens/Toys or Trinkets 

  1. Palm Branch or Leaf or Donkey
  2. Cup OR Bread/Cracker
  3. Coins
  4. Praying hands
  5. Purple Cloth
  6. Thorns OR Nails
  7. Cross
  8. Sponge OR Dice OR ”King of the Jews” Sign
  9. Spear/Toothpick OR Sponge
  10. Gauze/Linen OR Spices/Cinnamon Stick
  11. Stone
  12. Empty!

Bible Verse

  1. Donkey: John 12:14-15
  2. Palm Branch: John 12:12-13
  3. Coins: Matthew 26:14-15
  4. Bread: Matthew 26:26
  5. Cup: Matthew 26:27-28
  6. Praying Hands: Matthew 26:36-38
  7. Purple Cloth: Mark 15:17-20
  8. Thorns: Matthew 27:29
  9. Nails: John 20:25
  10. Cross: John 19:17-18
  11. Dice: Matthew 27:35
  12. Sponge: Matthew 27:48
  13. Sign: Luke 23:38
  14. Spear: John 19:33-34
  15. Gauze: Mark 15:46
  16. Spices: John 19:40-41
  17. Stone: Matthew 27:59-60
  18. Empty Tomb: Matthew 28:6



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