Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime


For some reason, since the invention of camera phones and Instagram, people are fascinated with photographing their lunch time meal and sharing it on Facebook. I don’t really get it. I’ve only done it when I’ve been someplace special or having a meal that I’ve never had. In others words, I shoot for unique. I watch my Facebook News Feed, and almost daily I’ll get some strange Taco Bell (Toxic Hell) meal pop up, or a nice greasy hamburger. Nothing I would really deem photo worthy, but too each his own!


I chose to photograph my lunch time meal at my favorite Japanese Steakhouse, Gengi. Honestly it’s a toss up between Gengi and House of Japan. But on this day, I was dining at Gengi. If you’ve never been to a Japanese steakhouse then my friend you are missing out! They cook it in front of you, do knife tricks and play with the kids at the table. It is a real joy. I LOVE it! And, of course, I love the food!

Gengi 3


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