Freebie Friday

Makeup Bag

I am always trying to find a way to save money. The prices of everyday items is going up and up while our incomes are staying the same, going down or going away all together! In dealing with the ever changing economy, I have had to become inventive in our grocery store purchases.  That’s why I coupon and take advantage of freebies at every chance I get.

I mentioned the other day about Birthday Freebies. Well, today I want to touch on ways to sign up and receive freebies from companies who want you to try their product. There are tons of sites out there that you can sign up with, and I’ve only begun to explore these. However, there are two that I absolutely love.


Everyday I receive emails from these two sites with freebie offers. I typically sit at my laptop, with a heaping mug of coffee and click away on these offers. It’s just how I wake up every morning. The nice thing about these freebie offers is sometimes you are lucky enough to find an offer that is for a full size item and not just a sample item. It really is a fun way to get some product, try something new and earn coupons.

The first site that I frequent is Freeflys. This site not only has freebie offers, but they also have coupons to download and a blog where you can learn all sorts of techniques on saving money at the grocery store. Plus, you do not get overwhelmed with junk mail in your email inbox. I absolutely will NOT sign up for something if it seems shady or if I will get a million spam emails. Of course you will get the periodic thing that comes through but it’s not bad.


The second site is Freebie Frenzy. Unlike Freeflys, they focus only on Freebies, no coupons. Sometimes, the same freebies are listed on both of these sites but many times they are for different things.

Another great site is FreebieShark. This site has freebies, coupons, sweepstakes and great deals you can find all over the internet.

Good luck on your own freebie endeavors!


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