Family Fun with the Columbus Blue Jackets


Here in Columbus Ohio we have our beloved Ohio State Buckeye’s football team. We are a college football town (no matter how many times something or someone screws up)! But we are more than just football fans. We also have our own hockey team called the Columbus Blue Jackets. Going to a CBJ game is always fun. There is a different energy and spirit to the hockey games as opposed to the football games or even our baseball games, by The Columbus Clippers.

pregame 2

Tonight my family had the chance to go to a hockey game with our cities own Columbus Blue Jackets. We got the tickets for free, which is why I’m filing this under “frugal family fun”. CBJ tickets can be expensive (any sports tickets can be for that matter), especially where we were sitting, right behind the goalie. Take advantage of these little deals whenever you can. They can turn out to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Tonight’s game was so much fun! We were a little worried we wouldn’t make it to the game because there is a big winter storm blowing through tonight. Luckily, it held off long enough for us to attend the game. This was our daughter’s first hockey game. My 6-year-old told me by the end of it that she was going to be a hockey player when she grows up. That kid cracks me up.


Upon walking into the arena, getting searched and fighting our way through the crowd, we were stopped by one of the Blue Jacket’s girls. She asked us if our daughter’s would like to ride the Zamboni’s after the pre-game (when all of the players come out to practice). Well, of course we said YES!

zamboni 2

A half hour before the game started we met up with the young lady who took us down below the seats in the arena to the floor. We were standing right next to the ice, watching the hockey players warm up. It was amazing. When it’s the pre-game anyone in the arena can come down to the glass and watch the players up close. The ushers will not stop them. Kids were hitting the glass and yelling at their favorite players. As a token of thanks the players would then chuck a few pucks toward the glass to get the kids excited.


Once they were done practicing, we were led to the Zamboni’s and their drivers. The girls climbed up, got buckled in and were OFF! They waved to the crowds and proudly basked in their little 5 minutes of fame. This night turned out to be one of those experiences that come once in a lifetime. My hubby and I had so much fun watching them enjoy themselves. They will always be able to hold onto that memory of riding on the Zamboni’s at the Columbus Blue Jacket game. Look for those little moments in life or those unexpected freebies that we luckily stumble upon from time to time. Take advantage of these situations whenever you can. You may be surprised at wonderful memories that can be made.



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