Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details


This weeks challenge is to get “lost in the details” of your scene. I immediately thought of the above picture. I took this a few years ago at a place near my old home called Dawes Arboretum. It is incredibly beautiful there! There are miles of paths to explore all throughout the park. Some wind through the wooded terrain, others lead you through a Japanese garden and others guide your feet around lakes and even through a graveyard.


These little mushrooms were found growing in the shadow of a great big old tree. I walked the paths of Dawes many times and had never really stopped to admire the little things, those tiny details that laid all around me, until this very day.

I paused on my journey and stared at these tiny fungi for what seemed like an eternity. I’m sure passers by thought I was nuts, or on mushrooms myself, but I really found them to be beautiful. Such delicate little pieces of life growing in the dank, wet shadow of the tree. I became captivated by their perfect simplicity and natural strength. These little mushrooms are made to grow strong in one of the “ugly” parts of the forest yet they do this and do it beautifully. It just reminded me that beauty in life can arise from the shadows.


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