The 10 Commandments of Parental Etiquette


This post is again a little out of the ordinary. In fact it has nothing to do with anything that is sweet in life. It’s more of the nothings on the sweet side. In all actuality I am simply bringing to light the pure ignorance and inappropriate behaviors of those who have procreated.

Each and every day I have the luxury of dropping off and picking up my kids from school. I am so thankful that I do not have to rely on day care to transport my kids anymore! But, there is a dark side to this blessing………THE OTHER PARENTS! There should be a special etiquette section added to the student handbook for such parents. However, if something like that was added it might hurt someone’s feelings or upset them. Well too bad people! There are things that just are not O.K. to do!

I have compiled a list of such things. And if you are wondering, YES these are all things I have witnessed. So sit back, relax and enjoy these ridiculous acts. All I can say is I know why some of the kids at school act the way they do.  Geesh!

Oh, and if you have any perfectly annoying parental tales I would LOVE to hear them. Please feel free to add them in the comments section below!

  1. Mothers (and Fathers) it is unacceptable to hock a loogie (spit up mucus) as you walk down the sidewalk. No one wants to see or step in that.
  2. Parents picking up their children from school should not fall asleep in their vehicles while waiting in the parent pick up line. This causes much stress to those parents who are waiting behind you because they can not go around. (I tried so hard to take a picture of the dozing dad but I couldn’t get a good shot with my phone but never fear dear readers, I will continue to try)
  3. Do not cut off other drivers who are waiting patiently in line to drop off or pickup their children. This will anger other parents who are following the rules and have been waiting patiently for 30 minutes.
  4. To those parents who have been cut off while waiting in the line, it is not acceptable to get out of your vehicle and bang on the window of those who cut you off (even though the other patient parents are silently cheering you on).
  5. It is not O.K. to drive the wrong way in the one-way section of the parking lot. I don’t care how entitled you feel you are. Don’t Do it!
  6. If you are coming to school for any reason (volunteer, see a play, eat lunch or drop off something) please come dressed appropriately. This means that you should be covered in such a way that your ta ta’s are not popping out of anything anywhere and your private areas should remain private. Again, no one wants to see it. And no innocent child should be exposed to such things.
  7.  It would be appreciated if all car stereos were set to a low volume while on school grounds. It is no longer the late 90’s and no one wants to hear your old Snoop Dog CD rattling the rust loose on your 1998 Honda Civic.
  8. If you are attempting to cross the parking lot while vehicles are traveling, please be courteous and do not walk in front of traffic. And if a driver waves you on it is common courtesy to wave back as a sign of thanks. This is also relevant in ANY parking lot or roadway crossing situation at Anytime Anywhere!
  9. If you notice another parent with car trouble, please be a morally responsible and kind-hearted human and help out! You may not be able to fix whatever the issue is, but by asking the simple question “do you need any help” you will restore faith in humanity for many. Do not simply stare at them as if they are a nuisance or avoid all eye contact because you fear being forced into showing an act of kindness.
  10. If your child is screaming, punching you and cursing at you, then it is completely alright to address the situation and reprimand them. I do not mean beat or harm the child but rather be a parent and parent them. A kindergartener should not get away with calling you the *b* word and punching your vehicle.

Ahhhh……. I feel better. I got those things off of my chest. And I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I am not a perfect parent. I have dropped my kids off while in my sweat pants, never got out of the car, but definitely made the trip looking a hot mess. And thank the good Lord that my car didn’t break down or something like that happen because I would hate to be put in a situation where someone would have to see me with mismatched sweats and fuzzy slippers. Yikes!

I have also had the joy of raising a “strong-willed child”. Just because they are strong-willed doesn’t mean you should be easy on them. My daughter learned that mom is always more stubborn and strong-willed than she could ever be. Plus, I know that there are kids out there who have behavior problems so I don’t mean to offend anyone here. The girl I witnessed throwing the fit and cussing out her mom was in my daughter’s class and I know she doesn’t have any behavior issues. She was simply testing her mother and winning.

I hope you have enjoyed my parental etiquette list. Again, please add any of your own stories below!


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