Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


A little over a year ago now, my family and I were blessed to go on a Disney cruise for a week. It was amazing! I had never been on a cruise before and honestly was a little nervous about it. After all, I have seen the movie Titanic and I know how this could play out. Luckily there aren’t any icebergs in the Caribbean. We did have 2 1/2 days of extremely rocky seas that tested the strength of my stomach. And once during a couples massage the whole ship just shut down! Imagine laying half-naked under a towel, tranquil music lightly dancing through the air, every stress and worry is being worked out of your every muscle then……you hear the sound of the electricity powering down. The music is off, the hum of the engine is gone. Yeah, not a relaxing moment. The engine either died, or they stopped it for some reason and we just leisurely bobbed out in the Atlantic without a care in the world. Despite these little mishaps, it didn’t take long before I totally fell in love with this method of vacationing.

I took the above picture the afternoon we left St. Thomas. I was standing on a deck that over looks the staff’s private pool right at the front of the ship. It was quite beautiful. Not just the picturesque island, the glistening sea or the gorgeous ship itself, but all of it combined to form this amazing memory that I will hold dear. As I watched the island drift by and the pathway of the sea open up before my very eyes, I suddenly realized just how blessed I am to have my wonderful husband and my amazing kids and to be sharing this little moment in our lives together. I stood there gazing upon the sea and wondered what life would hold for us. What lies ahead? Just as in that very moment, I try every day to look for the blessings in my life and accept with open arms the changes and opportunities that are thrown my way as I move forward in this life.

On a side note, little did I know that 5 short months after taking this picture I would quit the job that I had just accepted prior to this cruise and accept a less stressful one as a Cake Decorating Instructor. My husband has been published since this cruise and now writes for an online magazine. See what I mean? You just never know what is in store for you. 🙂


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