Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


This weeks photo challenge is to choose a photo that evokes home. Above is a picture of my home away from home, Daytona Beach Florida. I feel like I basically grew up there. My grandparents managed a little motel right on A1A (Atlantic Ave) called Southern Sands. As a kid I was down there constantly visiting, at least when I was a kid it felt like we were there constantly. I feel like I have come home every time I am lucky enough to go for a visit.

Daytona has always been a famous beach. It has deep roots in NASCAR, Bike Week and spring break. Originally cars would race up A1A then make the north turn onto the beach and fly down the shore line until they made another right back onto A1A. Now the northern most turn on the route is marked by an awesome restaurant appropriately called The North Turn.

Teens and college kids used to flock to its shores for spring break. Now, sadly it’s not a popular tourist attraction like it once was. Hurricanes and father time have not been kind to it’s coastline. But Daytona is still my favorite beach because of all the special memories it holds.

I will always remember riding The Jolly Trolley with my grandma, playing putt putt at the course next to their motel, walking the beach with my grandma and cousin collecting sea shells, climbing to the top of The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse (my husband and I were married on the beach at Ponce Inlet) and eating at my favorite place, Sweetwaters Restaurant (sadly no longer open). I treasure these memories and the birthplace of them, Daytona Beach.

In Daytona the sand is soft, the food is good and the sun is hot. There’s always something to do in my home Daytona Beach.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

    • Christina says:

      I have never been to Cocoa Beach but I would love to go there! Daytona isn’t flashy or a trendy hot spot. It shows signs of a once great tourist destination. It’s beaches still attract a large number of people every year but I don’t think like it once did. If you ever go, definitely check out the Daytona Beach pier, eat at Top of Daytona, drive on the beach and take a cruise on A1A to Ponce Inlet where you can climb to the top of the lighthouse. Plus if you want a more touristy place, Orlando is just an hour and a half drive south where you can visit all of the popular theme parks. Hmmmm….. maybe a post all about Daytona is in need here…..lol Thanks for visiting my blog. If you ever go to Daytona I would love to hear about your trip!

    • Christina says:

      I hope one day you can explore Daytona. There is nothing like watching the sun rise or set over the ocean. The sound of the waves, the smell of the sea air…..just beautiful! I can hear the sounds and smell the aroma right now! lol. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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