Daily Prompt: All About Me


Christina’s Sweet Nothings was originally created to explore the world of the at home baker. I am a self taught cake decorator and baker. I also teach at a local craft store as a Wilton Method Instructor. I love being an instructor. It is absolutely amazing to watch someone learn and perfect the techniques we teach. It’s even more rewarding when some of these folks go on to start businesses or just sell goodies on the side. I love it when students are so excited to show me what they have made over the last week since our last class.

The downside of working as an instructor is that I can’t post a lot of detailed “how to” articles for certain techniques as I teach them in class. But that’s ok, there’s a whole world out there of baking and crafting that I haven’t even begun to discover that I CAN discuss on here. I am on a journey of learning just as much as the next person and I’m so excited to have you all along for the ride.

Blue RosesCSN has taken on it’s own personality. Where I initially began posting about baking and cake decorating, I now find myself more compelled to write on other topics as well. My little site of sweet nothings really is about sharing what I may stumble across along my journey through this world. I want to share pieces that I find to be helpful, educational or just fun. At first I was concerned about straying from my initial topic but now I couldn’t be happier with the strange variety of things I cover.

Thank you to all of my visitors and followers! I am truly honored and humbled that you have taken the time to read my little posts, add a comment here and there or even clicked that “follow” button. It is much appreciated by this blogging newbie and her humble little site of sweet nothings. 🙂


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