3-D Puppy Cake

3D Doggy Cake

Well, I’m a sucker for all things cake! I love to bake, and always have. I enjoy building a project and bringing joy to someone’s special occasion. Cake makes people happy. I mean, who doesn’t like cake?!?! Even if you don’t like to eat it, I’m sure anyone can admire the beauty of a decorated confection.

At the end of last summer I made two cakes for an event at my church. One was a spaghetti and meatball cake, and the other was this sweet little puppy dog pictured above. This is the only cake that I almost didn’t want to part with. This little pooch looks so playful and cuddly. There’s no way I could have EVER cut into this cake. It would have just seemed wrong!

I found the full tutorial for this cake at one of my favorite websites, www.cakecentral.com. There are tons of amazing recipes, tutorials, forums and galleries. If you are in need of inspiration, I can guarantee they have something that will get you inspired.

puppy dog cake

This pup is so simple. It is just made from two 9-inch round cakes cut and “glued” together with buttercream icing. I used Wilton tip 3 for the hair. You could use the hair/grass tip if you wanted or a star tip like 18 or 21 for a different effect.

For the details, the eyes are black jelly beans, the nose is a Junior Mint and the tongue is a sour taffy cut to the shape of a tongue. Then I found some spare ribbon, tied a bow and glued it onto the pups head. It absolutely turned out way better than I thought it would! So adorable.

Here is the link to the tutorial. The author of the tutorial has wonderful pics detailing every step of the process. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your cuddly little cake as much as I did.


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