Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


So today I decided to take part in the weekly photo challenge hosted by http://www.dailypost.wordpress.com. I have dedicated myself, in 2013, to post every day. I am very new to blogging but with each post I fall further and further in love with it! I am rediscovering why I used to love writing so many moons ago. And I love that my blog really has no one particular theme. I was asked the other day what my blog was about and before I could answer my friend spoke up and said “EVERYTHING!” That’s right, everything. This is my life and my experiences and I am so excited to share them and even more excited when readers “like” or “follow” me. Woo Hoo! I find just as much excitement in reading others blogsn as well. There are so many wonderfully creative, intuitive and amazing people out there sharing what they love.

Anyhoo, back to the photo challenge. Pictured above is my 6 year old daughter. This picture was taken last summer at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo Ohio. In one section of the zoo they have hanging animal heads (a little twisted and gruesome but I love it!) where you can stand behind and peek through the animals eyes.

My little girl is just as unique as this photo. She is a vibrant, caring, friendly and hilarious kid. I’m not just saying that because I’m her mama. She says and does some of the goofiest things and my hubby and I can’t help but wonder where she gets it?! She is the type of girl who wants to wear the frilly, pretty, girly outfits while climbing the biggest tree and splashing in the best mud puddles. She’s fearless.

I had asked her to pick a head to stand behind before snapping this shot. She just casually walked over to the elephant, removed her Iron Man sunglasses (yes she LOVES Iron Man!), stuck her head into the elephant and raised two fingers for peace. I have no idea why she decided to make a political statement that day but it has turned this picture into one of my favorites. Oh, and just to give you a little more insight of her personality….she has stopped a soldier at a gas station once to thank him for serving our country and to tell him she loved him. One February when her class was studying Martin Luther King day the kids had to fill in the blank to King’s famous quote “I have a dream…” to which she responded “to be Iron Man!” She is special in so many ways and brings so much joy to us. This one is for you my uniquely wonderful little girl.


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