Super Mario Bros. Party!

Mario Collage

I regretfully must begin this post in shame. I have dedicated myself to the “Post a Day” challenge and I did not post ANYTHING yesterday!!! It was one of those days. We got a blast of snowy weather. The weather man said 1-3 inches which resulted in about 3-4 in my area. It came down fast and hard. In the matter of just a few hours everything was covered!

After dropping my kids off at school I made my way to the grocery store. I was only in there about a half hour and when I came out I had to scrape the snow off of my car. I even got stuck out in the snow, literally. If you’ve never experienced the frustration, anxiety and and elevated blood pressure resulting from driving in a snowy downpour, or spinning your tires in the middle of the road while two different directions of traffic barrel toward you, then you are truly lucky. Yes, snow is gorgeous! I know there are many in the world that would love to wake up to a snow covered landscape, catch a snow flake on their tongue or feel the blast of cold wind prickling their cheeks as they speed down a hill on a sled. And while there are things that make snow a gorgeous blessing, there is still so much that makes it miserable. I am thankful though that I don’t live in an extremely snowy region. We do not get hit terribly hard in the winter time. I’m not talking feet of snow here just mere inches but it was enough to put me into a tizzy!

After I slipped, slid and spun my way home, I decided staying inside and off of the road was the best decision I could make. It was the perfect time to begin a birthday cake for my friend’s little boy. He love’s Super Mario Bros. and chose this as his theme for his 7th birthday party. I remember the days of playing my Nintendo! I beat every Mario game (huge accomplishment, I know!). The music, the block graphics, the characters are all very nostalgic to me. Mario Bros brings back great memories of playing video games as a kid. Fun stuff!

His cake was very simple: white on the bottom and chocolate on top covered in a vanilla American Buttercream. I decided to add texture to the icing using my angled spatula. This is a technique that I have really grown fond of. It’s so incredibly simple. Simply use your spatula, and push the icing in a pattern around the cake (up an down, side to side or in an arch pattern). There are different ways to do this. Take a look at my pics below to get an idea of this. I’m sorry, if I would have thought about it I should have video’d it! This technique adds a shabby chic quality. It’s messy on purpose. I love it! I’ve done a couple of cakes recently with this method. It’s a little different, simplistic and yet chic.


To add the details of the cake I was asked to use a set of Mario Bros. characters her son got for Christmas. I love how it turned out! These little iconic characters bring happiness to all who gaze upon them.

Topof mario

Location Location Location!

If you’ve read any of my other birthday party posts you may know how I feel about party location. This can seal the deal on a great party. Now, you can also through a totally amazing kid’s party at home with fun games and activities. The problem with that is mom and dad do ALL of the work. You will cook, set up, clean up and host. A two hour party turns into an 8 hour day of work! That’s why throwing a birthday party on location is wonderful. The kids get to take part in a fun activity, you will typically get your own party host and no clean up required! Doesn’t get much better than that!

My friend hosted her son’s party at a local bowling alley. She was given her own party room, a hostess and a certain number of pizza’s and drinks as well as game time on the lanes. That’s a pretty good deal! Who doesn’t love to bowl?!

Goody Bags

Goody BagsTrying to come up with goody bags themed with Mario Bros was harder than you may think! There isn’t a whole lot out there for Mario. So she asked me for some help and we brainstormed some fun ideas to make the goody bags one of a kind.

First, the bag itself. I did some Google research and found a bunch of really cool hand made Mario Bros. gift bags. We came up with a yellow paper lunch bag with a question mark glued to the front. The bags represent the boxes that Mario busts open to reveal coins.

Then she stuffed the bags with Super Mario fruit snacks, chocolate gold coins, a “Yoshi” egg (plastic Easter egg with dots colored on them), a stick on mustache as well as other candies. The goody bags were absolutely adorable! Very creative and turned out awesome!

There are so many creative ways to celebrate with a Super Mario Bros. theme! I found some wonderful ideas on my search for inspiration. I hope that this little post serves as inspiration to someone out there on such a quest as well!

Mario Tiered Cake


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