Choo Choo Diaper Cake

baby collage
Today I was honored to make a baby shower cake for a friend of mine. She is expecting a baby boy in a little over a month. I wanted to make her an adorable cake that was also delicious! Not only did I feel pressure to deliver on the cake but I wanted to give her a unique one of a kind gift as well. My solution, a diaper cake.
Making diaper cakes for expecting parents is kinda my thang. It’s always my go-to-gift for parents to be. There are so many different types of diaper cakes you can make. I normally make a typical diaper cake, with stacked tiers that truly resembles a tiered cake. I don’t just make a tower of diapers though. I always adorn the cake with a slew of goodies like pacifiers, stuffed animals, blankets etc. anything I can find basically gets thrown on it. But for my friend, I took some inspiration from her 6-year-old son who LOVES trains. I thought it would be a special gift representative of big brother and little brother. After all, it’s not everyday a young man becomes a big brother!
Lets begin!
 Diaper Train supplies
* 3 bottles of “Wet Ones” or other face and hand wipes
* 1 Sippy cup
* 1 Baby bath towel
* 1 Baby wash cloth or bib
* 3 Receiving Blankets
* Roughly 28 Newborn Diapers
* Double Sided Tape
* Ribbon
* Rubberbands
Using double-sided tape, tape three hand and face wipes together. These will be the wheels of the train.
Wrapped board
Now cut a piece of cardboard large enough to fit on top of the train wheels. Then wrap a receiving blanket and bath towel and secure with double-sided tape.
board on tubs
Now using double-sided tape, attach the covered board to the hand and wipe containers.
Now stack two piles of diapers about 14 each. This just depends on the side of the train you are making.  Then secure by wrapping a rubberband around the diapers.
sippy cup
Now take a sippy cup and wrap a receiving blanket around it.
wrapped sippy
Now wrap a rubberband around the sippy cup to secure.
Now begin to assemble the train. Use double-sided tape to secure and ribbon. Tape the wrapped diapers on the back of the train. I rubberbanded the blanket to hold it together along with double-sided tape. I then used a ribbon to cover the rubberband.
Lay the wash cloth or bib on the front of the train.
Then secure the wrapped sippy cut onto the base with double-sided tape.
Fold the socks over and into one another (this took some playing around with), then using double-sided tape attach to the wrapped sippy cup. This is the smoke stack.
tissue paper flowers
Add a few embellishments like tissue paper daisies or other fake flowers. Maybe a stuffed animal on top and your done!
To transport or wrap, you can always put it into a shrink-wrap plastic and shrink around it. I normally do this with my tall diaper cakes to hold all of the toys in place. Or you can secure it to another piece of cardboard with double-sided tape to give it extra stability. I never hot glue any of my cakes together like many you’ll see online. I want these to be a unique gift that the new parents can actually use. I rely on double-sided tape, rubberbands and ribbon.
front of train
I hope you have enjoyed my version of this adorable diaper cake train.

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