What Not To Do When Coloring Gumpaste or Fondant


Working with gumpaste or fondant can be fun and exciting. There are endless pieces of art that you can create. Anything from covering an entire cake with fondant to making life like flowers or molding little figurines. Gumpaste and fondant can give an entirely different dimension to a cake.

Today in my Wilton Course 3 class, one student decided, while we were preparing to make roses out of gumpaste, that she wanted to color them red. Ok, no problemo. There are two options here, either take a bit of red fondant and knead it into the white gumpaste OR take red gel color and add it to your gumpaste and knead that together. Sadly she didn’t have red fondant but she did have the red gel. So as I am walking around helping the students, I look over to see an enormous glob of gel thrown on top of her gumpaste. It looked like a pile of blood, I know that may be gross but it seriously did. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Do you have any rubber gloves?”. Nope, no gloves. So I told her that her hands will be stained red for possibly a few days because it was A LOT of color. She then began to knead her gumpaste together. She was a mess! Red coloring all over her hands, in her nails, caked around her rings. I mean EVERYWHERE! The scene was horrendous! She appeared to be kneading some volatile organ from someones body. Completely disgusting! However, do not fear, she achieved her beautiful red rose.

Bloody Hands

It may be a good idea to wear rubber gloves when coloring your gumpaste or fondant, especially if you are working with a lot of dye or very bold colors. Happy Coloring!


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