Michael’s Free Family Craft Day


Did you know that the Michael’s Craft Stores offer a free family craft event? If you are looking for another fun and free thing to do with the kids then check out your local Michael’s store schedule ( Michael’s Craft Home Page). It’s another excellent way to get everyone out of the house and make something together as a family. The crafts are simple also. The recommended age to participate is 3 and up!  This month the craft is a Valentine’s Day card.


It’s super simple to participate in.  Just go to your local store at the designated time, find the craft event table and decorate! I am totally an arts and crafts person and have been pretty much my entire life, so doing things like this is extra fun for me and my family. I love watching the kid’s creative juices flow and seeing the look of accomplishment on their little faces once they are all done. So check out your local store’s online calendar or stop by and pick up a schedule for the month. Be sure to also look for other free demos (not all kid friendly) throughout the month. You can come in and learn some interesting techniques for free or for a small price. Now, go make something!

Michaels cover


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