FREE Book Downloads available at Starbucks!

Starbucks books

Last Tuesday, before work, I stopped by my local Starbucks to redeem a coupon I had for their new blonde roast coffee. I received the coupon from their Facebook page and it was for a FREE coffee! Completely blew my mind, FREE Starbucks? I’m in! While I stood there patiently awaiting my delicious free beverage (it always tastes better when it’s free) with much anticipation, I noticed a stack of small cards laying near the cream and sugar. I typically don’t pay attention to things like this but it caught my eye. The card said “Book Pick of the Week”. Ok, I thought, is this just some obscure suggested reading card? Is Starbucks running some scheme with a publisher somewhere? Then I remembered that at one time Starbucks would give a free music download once a week. Now my curiosity was getting to me. I picked up the card and read these beautiful words, “Free book with the code on back”. Suddenly, the barista called my name and I was jolted back to reality.

Starbucks code

This code is no longer valid!

When I got home from work, I picked up my ipad, pulled up the iBooks app and began my search for my free download. Oh and this will work by logging into iBooks, or iTunes from your PC. Alas, I found it! The instructions printed on the back of the card were incredibly easy to follow and worked perfectly. I downloaded my entire copy of Sway by Amber McRee Turner and read through a little of it before having to run on to my next thing. I’m not sure how long Starbucks will be offering this but I’m going to take advantage of this while I can.

Disclaimer: I have read some reviews of the free books and some people (mostly from a while ago) were complaining because their downloaded book wasn’t the full version, it was a sampler. However, I got the full version when I downloaded Sway. I will be going to my nearest Starbucks every Tuesday to get my free book and hot cup of joe.


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