2013-The New Year Begins…


A New Year, New Goals

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.  ~Author Unknown

Well here it is January 7, 2013 and I have finally made a few very concrete resolutions. Sometimes I find myself struggling to choose just one or two things to improve upon. I mean there’s always room for improvement, always. Whether it’s at home, finances, work, parenting or whatever, there is always an area of your life that you could work on. This year I have vowed to work on some things like:

  • pay off debt
  • save money
  • my relationship with my kids and my husband
  • volunteer more
  • build my business
  • eat a cleaner diet
  • exercise more
  • de-clutter all parts of my life

However, one new goal for 2013 is to work on this blog. I just switched from Blogger to WordPress this past week! I couldn’t be happier. I was encouraged by my friend Mely who runs www.warmtoastymuffins.com (check it out!). She had nothing but wonderful things to say about WordPress, and since switching I would have to agree with everything she has said! At WordPress it is so much easier to maneuver through Dashboard, set up, link things, add widgets… you name it! And the really exciting part is getting traffic to the site! I rarely got hits on my Blogger site which frustrated me to no end. It has been so exciting to see the people that stop by here and even leave a comment! I have become hooked! So I’m making it my goal right now to join the Post A Day 2013 challenge. I’ve added the badge to this site and will be working diligently to come up with quality posts for every day of 2013. Coming up with that much material should be a goal just by itself!

Please stop by for updates and new posts. I have been thinking long and hard about the content for 2013’s material. Since I love so many things and have many interests I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble coming up with ideas. Over the next 12 months I will be covering such topics as recipes, cake decorating, kid’s party’s on the cheap, frugal living,  family travel, crafts and so many more.If you have any ideas or want to see any specifics then please don’t be shy, send me a message or leave a comment below! If you too have made New Years resolutions, and want to stick with them, I have some advice that I have found helpful.

Keeping your Resolutions:

We all make resolutions, whether we verbalize them, write them down, or just note them in our mind, at the beginning of the new year many of us think about what we could do to make the next year better than the last. A large amount of people who make resolutions never see them through.  A little thing called life gets in the way. The soccer games, baseball practices, work, bills, errands and so on. I know many times at the end of the day I find myself thinking “where in the world did the day go?!” It just simply happens. So I’ve compiled a list of advice that I have read over time and been given through friends and family as well as a couple things that I just do myself. It is my hope that some of these suggestions help you along your journey to achieving whatever goals you have made for yourself this year and beyond.

Time Realization:

The most important thing to remember is that you might not be able to accomplish your goals in one moment. For instance if your goal is to lose weight or get out of debt, then you need to know going into that goal that it’s going to take time and perseverance. Remember the Tortoise and the Hare? Slow and steady wins the race. When you fall down get back up and keep going! Don’t stop, stick with it. You’ll do it!!

Write it Down:

Countless studies have been done on the effectiveness of writing down ones goals. Do you have to do an annual review at work? Ever have to write down the goals you are going to work on? It’s a measurable goal. I know in my past places of employment, we would do a review every 6 months; a mid year and year end. I was held accountable to my goals. If I didn’t achieve my goals or was not on track then my manager and I would re-evaluate position to get me on track. It really does help. Keep your goals and progress written in a journal. Reflect on it often. It also helps to post your goals somewhere in your home so that you see them daily.

Set a Deadline:

Lets say you want to pay off a credit card by June, then in March or April check your progress to make sure you are on track and making progress. If you are not then figure out how to get on track and leap any hurdles that may be stopping you.

Review Your Progress:

Along the journey of achieving your goals it is wise to reflect on your progress. Remember how you began and where you were at when you started, and examine where you are now. Recognize any stumbles or hiccups in the journey. Is there anything you could have changed?

Be Accountable:

Make yourself accountable for your goals. If you find it difficult to hold yourself accountable then I suggest having an accountability partner. Find a friend, family, pastor, church group, or even an objective third party to check up on you and hold you accountable on your goals, and you do the same for them. Help each other to attain your goals.

Most importantly, Don’t give up!


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